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Live Teachers. Fun Classes.

Fun Islamic classes for kids of all ages. Enroll your children today to learn with live teachers, using fun and exciting teaching methods to engage your child, teaching videos with Noor and Nora, and other fun learning tools to learn all about Islam!

As parents, we understand that learning Islamic studies, Arabic Online, and Quran Online is best reached through fun teaching techniques. Noor Academy’s program is developed for your child’s success!


fun & engaging Islamic classes

spark motivation and desire to learn all about Deen Islam and Islamic history. Your child will love learning with a live teacher and Noor & Nora.






Islamic classes for all age groups.


class, your child moves one step forward.

Every child is different and learns better in their own way. Noor teachers use a variety of teaching tools and advanced methods to engage your child and make learning fun and interesting.

With ISLAMIC STUDIES ONLINE live classes, your child will learn about Islam and more.

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