Noor Academy, an online platform for kids Quran Sciences, is an ambitious project that aims to create an interactive and easy educational environment for kids and the Noble Quran, where numerous challenges -related to society, job, and a place to live- stand in the way of enrolling in universities and private education centers.

Noor Academy (online Quran classes for kids) is managed by a group of professors, who specialize in the sciences of the Quran and the Arabic language. Besides expert professors, Noor Academy employs a team of qualified lecturers in Arabic and English, who provide professional online education, in a variety of disciplines.

Noor & Nora


Noor Academy aims to provide Islamic knowledge in general for kids and in particular the specialized sciences of the Holy Quran from memorizing and reciting the Quran, through an educational, multimedia, and easy-to-use platform via the Internet.

Teaching aids include video, audio, and text files, as well as interactive live lessons, Noor Academy also offers exemplary lessons in the Arabic language, as it is the main entrance to the sciences of the Noble Quran.


After choosing the course, the student will undergo a preliminary exam, to determine the placement, which enables the student to access the educational content appropriate to his level and his academic choice.

According to the scientific conception of the Noor Academy system, each kid is subject to a specific system, where they can view several consecutive lessons, and one lesson usually consists of a video file, text, and professional illustrations.

Then, they undergo multiple tests before moving to the next lesson, and after completing a specified number of lessons, they will be required to attend the live lesson once a week, which includes a detailed explanation of the subject and answering questions.

After successfully completing the lesson, the kids will be able to advance again in the systematic series of lessons and wait for the live lesson again. Graduate kids receive official certificates and affidavits.

Target Groups

The courses of the Specialized Academy of Quranic Sciences are designed for kids so that every interested person finds a suitable course for them, that includes every Muslim in the world.

Noor Academy also offers a program for young children and beginners, using electronic media and modern scientific methods, to master the letters’ articulations, their attributes, the provisions of intonation, and the language in general.

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Meet Noor & Nora

Noor & Nora are your child’s newest friends and will help your child learn about Islam along with your teacher!  With fun videos and games, your child will love learning the Deen with Noor & Nora!

Our Vision

We want to build a mini world for Muslim kids, so they can learn about Islam in the right proper way and enjoy the process of learning so they are eager to know more.

Our Mission

  • providing interactive sessions using interactive learning materials with our qualified teachers.
  • processing the lessons in fun enjoyable way for kids.
  • creative games and activities will be updated very now and then to be renewed
  • having professional teachers for kids

Our Students

Noor Academy caters to teaching Islam, Arabic, and Quran to kids of all ages. With specialized classes for kids, your child will love learning about Islam. 

Noor Academy has classes and specialized teachers for Pre-K and Kindergarteners, Elementary grades, Middle School, and High School.

Students Noor Academy
Community Noor Academy

Our Community

Join Noor Academy’s family of teachers and staff with the help of Noor & Nora and their fun friends. 

Enroll Today to join us or visit us on Facebook to learn more and get daily updates and tips on how to help your child learn about Islam.

Fun Islamic Learning

Noor Academy isn’t just another website to learn about Islam. We make learning fun and exciting, engaging with your child and setting a strong foundation for learning about Islam Din.

Fun Islamic Learning
  • providing interactive sessions using interactive learning materials with our qualified teachers.
  • processing the lessons in a fun enjoyable way for kids.
  • creative games and activities will be updated every now and then to be renewed
  • having professional Quran teacher, Arabic teacher, Islamic Studies teacher, and Tajweed teacher for kids