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Arabic Alphabet Songs
The Arabic alphabet is unique in its form and usage. This uniqueness is definitely fun to learn. Learning Online Arabic Alphabet Songs For Kids

However, it can be a little frustrating when you teach it to kids for the first time. Don’t worry, Noor Academy has gathered some helpful activities that will help you to teach them more efficiently.

How to Learn Arabic for Kids?

Being Muslims, the Arabic language is the language of our most significant book, the Quran. As a result,

it is reasonable for us to want to do our best to learn it and guarantee that it is the dominant language spoken by our children.

This brings children closer to Allah and qualifies them to attend further Quran for Kids courses as they mature.

To start to learn Arabic Alphabet Songs for kids, we need to begin with the most basic and essential component of the language, the alphabet. The alphabet is not difficult to learn, particularly for kids.

You may teach children the alphabet through a variety of appealing activities.

The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters (abjad alphabet). Each of the 28 Arabic letters has a fundamental form, but it varies based on whether the letter is at the start, middle,

or end of the word. You won’t be able to read Arabic transcripts until you know how to write each of these letters.

You learn the letter first, then a word, then many words to create a phrase using appropriate Arabic grammar, and so on.

So you don’t ignore the first step and wait for everything else to fall into place.

You may see tiny symbols added above or under the Arabic letters as you educate them to read and speak Arabic. In Arabic, this is known as Tashkeel.

They may not be present in all forms of Arabic writing, such as the Modern Standard.

They aren’t required if they have improved in their Arabic reading because they will understand words on their own.

Nonetheless, they are required for Holy texts like the Quran or Hadith, as well as any literature meant for novices to read.

How to Write Arabic Letters for Kids? 

To learn how to write Arabic Alphabet Songs letters for kids, you can buy them a workbook that they can use to trace the letters until they can do it on their own.

You can also adopt other fun activities that can help them learn and have fun at the same time.

Writing in Arabic isn’t the easiest thing your kids can learn. However, with some patience and practice, you’ll see how they make amazing progress.

Keep reading to get inspired by activities you can employ in their learning process to teach them and let them have fun.

How to Learn While Having Fun with Arabic Alphabet?

Playing Arabic alphabet games online is one of the greatest activities for children to learn Arabic.

They like how easy they are and how they may combine letters with items that begin with this letter. Let’s have a look at some games you may play with your kids:

1- Letters With Animals Pictures

This is one of the most fundamental Arabic learning games for kids. All you need to do is collect images of each letter and an animal that begins with that letter.

Children like animals and are thrilled when they can participate in an animal-themed activity. Fruits and vegetables can be put in the same category.

2- Salt Tray 

Salt or sand trays are well-known for alphabet learning because children adore them – and anything they adore, they learn from. It’s the ideal way to learn how to trace small Arabic words for kids.

It enables children to easily create the form of a letter without the need for a pencil. This method may also be used to teach children Arabic numerals.

3- Clay Games

This is equivalent to a universal tool for all aspects of fun and teaching. Its fluidity allows you to give your child some “hands-on” activity. It might help your kids become acquainted with various letter forms.

Play Arabic Songs for Kids

Arabic videos for kids may be an excellent approach to teaching children the alphabet. They get enthralled anytime music is played, and they actively participate in it. 

They can even learn music faster than you believe. You may take advantage of this by selecting various alphabet songs and playing them on repeat until they choose their favorite.

Once they’ve decided on a favorite, they’ll remember it and repeat it over and over. This will help kids learn faster and remember the 28 letters.


Here is a selection of good Arabic music for kids that we know they would enjoy once they hear them:

  1. Learning Arabic alphabets | Arabic alphabets song for kids | Nasheed
  2. Nasheed alif ba taa | Arabic Alphabet Song with Zaky | HD
  3. Arabic alphabet song  3 – Alphabet arabe chanson 3 – 3 أنشودة الحروف العربية
  4. Arabic Alphabet Caterpillar Train Toy Baby for Children and Kids | Abata     
  5. Arabic Alphabet for Kids with Animals – alif ba ta lyrics

Arabic Alphabet for Kids Worksheets

After learning the sounds and forms of each letter, students must practice writing it. That is why, once kids have completed this stage, workbooks and novels are ideal.

Get I Love Arabic – Arabic Alphabet And Writing and teach your children how to recognize, write, and sequence letters.

This vibrantly colored book has a wonderful illustration for each letter that the kid must color before practicing writing the letter.

What Is the Best Arabic for Kids Site?

The best Arabic for kids site is Noor academy. Taking online Arabic lessons for kids with Noor Academy  ( House of Quran ) is the greatest option for kids to learn the Arabic alphabet.

They may study online Arabic for kids through one-of-a-kind programs designed and guided by expert native Arabic tutors.

The trip students will take with Noor Academy will undoubtedly be one-of-a-kind. They get to study with their new cartoon pals,

Noor and Nora! This will motivate them to study and alter their minds more than they believe.

You may enroll your children in Noor Academy‘s Arabic education program and watch them learn everything there is to know about the language.

Beginning with the fundamental alphabet and progressing to a more complicated grammatical structure and Arabic sentences.

Children learn more effectively when they are actively participating in the learning process.

Online tutors at Noor Academy employ the most engaging resources available to capture children’s interests while also teaching them. Online videos, pictures,

and games are available to entertain and educate your child.

Through our Arabic Alphabet Songs courses delivered online, your children may begin learning how to speak Arabic properly.

You may watch them develop their Arabic from the comfort of your own home.

Some individuals feel that saving time for children is unimportant. It’s a common blunder that inhibits children from studying the Arabic language. 

Because children’s willingness to commit to weekly classes is so low, we must explore strategies to save time in order to limit learning time to simply the class period,

without having to drive to and from the Arabic learning center. Online learning is the solution.

Having an online instructor does not absolve you of responsibility for your children’s performance. Make sure to ask the instructor for comments on their progress on a regular basis,

as well as their ideas on how you can help them grow quicker and better.