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Arabic Alphabets To Kids
Learning Arabic might be the best gift you can give your children at an early age that they will cherish later in life. How To Teach Arabic Alphabets To Kids? Learning the Arabic alphabet (Abjad) is the initial stage in this procedure.

However, it might be a little confusing on where and how to start.

That’s why Noor Academy is here to answer all your questions about how to learn Arabic for kids, starting from the alphabet.

Arabic Alphabet Letters For Kids

As Muslims, the language of our most important book, the Quran, is the Arabic language.

So, it is natural for us to want to try our best to learn it and ensure that it was the primary language our children could speak.

This gets them closer to Allah and qualifies them to take more Quran for kids courses as they grow older.

To start with Arabic learning for kids, we should begin with the most simple and fundamental part of the language, which is the alphabet.

The alphabet is not that hard to learn, especially for kids. You can use lots of attractive activities to teach them the alphabet.

The Arabic language has 28 letters (Abjad). Each of the 28 Arabic letters has a basic shape,

but this shape changes depending on whether the letter is placed at the beginning, middle, or end of the word.

You won’t be able to read Arabic transcripts without knowing every form of these letters.

First, you learn the letter, then form a word, then use several words to form a sentence with proper Arabic grammar, and so on.

So you can’t possibly skip the first step and expect the rest to work out.

Arabic Alphabet Activities For Kids

There are tons of activities you can do for your children to encourage them to learn the alphabet. Being simple and uncomplicated,

the Arabic alphabet can make a great game for children when they start learning it.


Using activities in this phase is crucial. You don’t want to bore your kids with whiteboard learning methods. Instead,

use as many activities and games as you can to get their attention and encourage them to learn more.

Arabic Alphabet Games For Kids

Playing Arabic alphabet games are some of the best activities for Arabic learning for kids.

They enjoy how simple they are and how they can mix and match letters with objects that start with this letter.

Let’s look at some suggestions of games you can play with your kids:

  1. Match Letters With Animals Pictures

This is one of the most basic Arabic learning games for kids. All you have to do is get pictures of every letter and an animal that starts with that letter.

Kids love animals and get excited when they can play a game that involves animals. The same can be done with fruits and vegetables.

  1. Clay Games

This is similar to a universal tool for all things related to playing and education.

Its malleability allows you to provide some “hands-on” exercise to your child.

It’s useful in familiarizing your children with different letterforms.

  1. Salt Tray Game

Salt or sand trays are well-known for alphabet learning because children adore them – and anything they adore, they learn from. It helps the kids to draw the shape of the letter in an easy way without holding a pencil. This can work for learning Arabic numbers for kids as well.

sand tray tracing.webp alt text: sand tray tracing for learning the Arabic alphabet

Arabic Alphabet Song For Kids

Songs can be a great way of teaching the alphabet to kids. They get excited whenever there’s music on and they highly interact with it.

They even memorize songs faster than you think.

You can use that in your favor by picking some alphabet songs and play them on repeat until they choose their favorite.

Once they’ve chosen their favorite one, they’ll memorize it and repeat it all the time. This can help them learn faster and never forget the 28 letters.

Here is a list of some songs we know your kids are going to like once they listen to:

  1. Arabic alphabet song  3 – Alphabet arabe chanson 3 – 3 أنشودة الحروف العربية
  2. Learning Arabic alphabets | Arabic alphabets song for kids | Nasheed
  3. Nasheed | Arabic Alphabet Song with Zaky | HD
  4. Arabic for Kids with Animals – Learn Arabic ABC with Zakaria
  5. Alphabet Arabic Caterpillar Train Toy Baby for Children and Kids | Abata     

Arabic Alphabet Chart For Kids

Charts are also a great way of encouraging your kids to learn the alphabet. You can order the Arabic alphabet chart online and hang it,

on the fridge or on their bedroom wall. This way they get to see it more and interact with it whenever they do.

Arabic Alphabet For Kids Worksheets

After they learn the sounds and shapes of every letter, they need to practice writing it.

That’s why worksheets and books are great once they’re done with this stage.

Get I Love Arabic – Arabic Alphabet And Writing and train your kids on identifying, writing, and sequencing letters.

This brightly colored book features a lovely image for each letter, which the young learner must color before practicing writing the letter.

What Is The Best Way Of Learning Arabic For Kids?

The best way of learning Arabic for kids is taking online Arabic classes for kids with Noor Academy. They can learn Arabic online for kids with unique programs that are structured and instructed by professional native Arabic teachers.

The journey that they’re going to go through with Noor Academy is definitely one-of-a-kind.

They get to learn with Noor and Nora ( house of Quran ); their new cartoon friends! This will encourage them to learn and change their perspective more than you think.

You can choose the Arabic course program from Noor Academy and watch your children learn everything about the language. Starting from the basic alphabet to a more complex grammar structure and Arabic phrases.

Your kids can start learning how to speak Arabic properly through our flexible Arabic lessons conducted online. You can watch them improve their Arabic online dialect from the comfort of their homes.