Best Arabic Learning Games For Kids To Try Now

Arabic Learning Games For Kids
Best Arabic Learning Games For Kids, Kids today tend to have a shorter attention span and get bored very easily. This is a problem that many parents and teachers have to deal with recently when they try to teach them something.

However, when learning is incorporated in games, kids tend to learn better and make progress.

That’s why Noor Academy has some great suggestions for games you can play with your kids in order to teach them the Arabic alphabet! Keep reading to know more.

Learn Arabic For Kids

As Muslims, the Arabic language is the language of our most significant book, the Quran. As a result, it is reasonable for us to want to do our best to learn it and guarantee that it is the major language spoken by our children. This brings children closer to Allah and qualifies them to attend further Quran for Kids courses as they mature.

To begin Arabic learning for kids, we need to start with the most basic and essential component of the language, the alphabet. The alphabet is not difficult to learn, especially for children. You may teach children the alphabet through a variety of appealing activities.

The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters (Abjad). Each of the 28 Arabic letters has a fundamental form, but it varies depending on whether the letter is at the beginning, middle, or end of the word. You won’t be able to understand Arabic texts until you know how to write each of these letters.

You learn the letter first, then a word, then many words to create a phrase using appropriate Arabic grammar, and so on. So you can’t possibly ignore the first step and expect everything else to work out fine.

Games To Teach Arabic

To teach your children to speak Arabic, you may do more than just give them traditional Arabic training. You may teach children the alphabet and the spelling of common Arabic words and phrases by using games and home activities.

Playing Arabic alphabet games is one of the greatest activities for kids to learn Arabic. They like how easy they are and how they may combine letters with items that begin with this letter. Let’s have a look at some games you may play with your kids:

1- Match Letters With Animals Pictures

This is one of the most fundamental Arabic learning games for children. All you need to do is collect images of each letter and an animal that begins with that letter. Children like animals and are ecstatic when they can participate in an animal-themed activity. Fruits and vegetables can be treated in the same way.

2- Clay Games

This is comparable to a universal tool for all aspects of fun and teaching. Its malleability allows you to give your child some “hands-on” activity. It might help your children become acquainted with various letterforms.

3- Salt Tray Game

Salt or sand trays are well-known for letter learning because children like them – and children learn from whatever they love. It enables children to easily create the form of a letter without the need for a pencil. This may also be used to learn Arabic numbers for kids.

sand tray tracing.webp alt text: sand tray tracing for learning the Arabic alphabet

Arabic Alphabet Games Online

Home activities are not the only thing that you can do to get your kids to read and write Arabic. You can use online Arabic games where your children learn more about the alphabet and words in a more interactive way.

Best Arabic Alphabet Games Download Free

If you’re looking for an application to download on the kids’ tablet for free, look no more. You can now download the best Arabic alphabet games without paying anything. Let’s review some of the best Arabic and Quran alphabet games that your kids will enjoy:

1- Arabic alphabet For Kids ⋆ بالعربي نتعلم

A fantastic app for teaching your children not only the Arabic alphabet but also how to read and write simple sentences using animal names and sounds. A fun learning game for kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

2- Arabic Alphabet Game Kids ABC: Appstore for Android

Arabic alphabet games for kids ABC is an educational game that introduces children to alphabets and letters in a pleasant way. This straightforward educational game teaches children the alphabet letters so that they can recognize words as they emerge. 

As a consequence, children learn that the letters in words are made up of the Alphabet.

At this age, learning about letters and numbers should be enjoyable. When your child starts school, workbooks may take up a lot of time. When spending time together, look at letters and numbers and point out further learning and promote curiosity.

3- Arabic Alphabet 

This app walks you through all of the letters of the Arabic alphabet, demonstrating the sounds they represent and how they are joined to form words. The app not only teaches you how to write but also the Arabic vowels, grammar, and numbers from 0 to 99.

This is an excellent option for instructors and parents who wish to teach the fundamentals of Arabic to their students or children at home or in school.

4- Omar & Hana Arabic Alphabet

This app not only offers Arabic lessons and activities for children but also easy lessons on how to learn al Quran and Tajweed rules. The online Quran classes are mostly videos that you may watch for free on the app.

The simple design along with the interesting characters of Omar and Hana will allow your kids to enjoy their Arabic learning time!

5- Learn and Write Arabic Alphabet 

This educational app brings the Arabic alphabet to life by allowing your children to design the letters by hand using the colors they want. 

Today, many children’s particular learning abilities are incompatible with merely reading and writing. Kids want visual and interactive entertainment, which this Arabic alphabet app for kids provides.

How to Find Arabic Alphabet Practice Online for My Kids?

You can let your kids Arabic alphabet practice by signing them up for Noor Academy’s online Arabic classes for kids. With Noor and Nora; the two fun cartoon characters that Noor Academy ( house of Quran ) relies on upon, your children get to learn the alphabet and practice till they master it.

If your kids are fans of games, you’ll see how enthusiastic they will be after a few classes for kids in Noor Academy. They’ll learn Arabic online for kids in the easiest way while playing the most fun games to learn and enjoy!

What’s a Good Arabic Alphabet Quiz I Can Use for My Kids?

You can use Quizizz’s alphabet online quiz to test your kids’ knowledge of the Arabic alphabet. The quiz has a simple interface with multiple-choice questions. Your kids are asked to choose the right answer of a total of 4 answers.

The quiz has 27 simple questions. Those questions focus on the names of letters, which words start with the letter in question, and which letter is the one displayed in the simple picture in the question.