Arabic language classes

prepositions in Arabic

What are prepositions in Arabic? | Noor Academy

We will learn about prepositions in Arabic grammar, what are they? How to use them? And much more, let’s get started. prepositions in Arabic are very important just as it is in any other language. let’s say you want to show the relation between the words “bed” and “billow”, how will you say the sentence without using prepositions? Let’s see harf al jarr examples:  “The billow is on the bed”= “الوسادة على السرير”. “The book is in the bag” =

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Laam Shamsiya and lam Qamariya

Laam Shamsiya and lam Qamariya rules | Noor Academy

Today we will learn the rules of Laam Shamsiya and lam Qamariya in a simple and easy-to-understand way, but first, let’s understand what they both mean. Shamsiya in Arabic Laam Shamsiya is used to call the lam which is written but not pronounced. lam Qamariya in Arabic lam Qamariya is the lam that is both written and pronounced. lam Shamsiya and Qamariya. What do we mean by saying lam Shamsiya and laam Qamariyyah? We call it the second letter of

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pronouns in Arabic language

How many pronouns in Arabic language? | Noor Academy

Learning the pronouns in the Arabic language is very important and really easy, and that’s what you will see shortly. How many pronouns are in the Arabic language? There are 12 Arabic pronouns that are different from the English pronouns, for example in English we have “I”, “you”, “he”, “she”, and “it” is singular, and “we”, “you”, “they” in the plural. While Arabic pronouns are divided into singular, dual, and plural pronouns. When do we use the Dual pronouns? When

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modern standard Arabic

How to learn modern standard Arabic? | Noor Academy

Many people don’t know the difference between the modern standard Arabic and the dialects, that’s why we decided to discuss everything you need to know about it. So, let’s get started. How to learn modern standard Arabic? Some people are afraid of learning the Arabic language because of its difficulty. I won’t lie and say it’s an easy language because there are no easy and difficult languages to learn, it all depends on you, if you are persistent and have

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Arabic verbs

How to learn Arabic verbs? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will learn everything about the Arabic verbs, so if that’s what you’re looking for then let’s start. Many people want to learn the Arabic language but are scared of its difficulty, we wrote this article just to show that there is nothing to be afraid of. The Arabic language is just like every other language all it needs is time and patience, and I know you can learn it easily. So, let’s not wait anymore and

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Common Arabic Phrases

How To Improve Common Arabic Phrases For Kids | Noor Academy

How To Improve Common Arabic Phrases For Kids, Listen to the way people speak in conversation or watch television programs. Imitate the way they say certain words or sentences. Focus on the rhythm and the sound. Practicing in this manner will help you to improve Improve Common Arabic Phrases, as well as your accent. How Can I Teach My Child Arabic? Arabic instruction for children may be a challenging task for parents. During the process, children may grow annoyed, and

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Arabic Grammar

Arabic Grammar For Kids Step By Step | Noor Academy

The science of the Arabic language known as Nahw, basically translated as Arabic grammar and Arabic syntax is a topic through which we learn to correctly convey meaning in Arabic, form coherent sentences, and protect ourselves from verbal error.  Now, this isn’t simple for everyone, especially the kids. So, keep reading to know more about how to teach the grammar of the Arabic language for kids! What Is Basic Arabic Grammar? There are five disciplines of grammatical studies. The more

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Arabic Teaching

Alif Baa For Kids Introduction Teaching The Arabic | Noor Academy

Alif Baa For Kids Introduction Teaching Arabic, The Arabic language is beautiful and complex. And when it comes to the Arabic writing system, it’s almost like a work of art. So, how can you learn the Arabic alphabet and reach fluency? Surprisingly, learning the Arabic alphabet doesn’t take long.  Here’s everything you need to know about Arabic letters, numbers, and the writing system.  What does Alif Ba Ta mean? Alif Ba Ta is a common abbreviation for the Arabic alphabet.

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Arabic Learning Games For Kids

Best Arabic Learning Games For Kids To Try Now

Best Arabic Learning Games For Kids, Kids today tend to have a shorter attention span and get bored very easily. This is a problem that many parents and teachers have to deal with recently when they try to teach them something. However, when learning is incorporated in games, kids tend to learn better and make progress. That’s why Noor Academy has some great suggestions for games you can play with your kids in order to teach them the Arabic alphabet!

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Dotted Arabic Alphabet

Learning The Dotted Arabic Alphabet For Kids | Noor Academy

Learning The Dotted Arabic Alphabet For Kids represents 28 constants. In order for Arabic writing to represent 28 consonants with 17 shapes without ambiguity, dots are used. How Can I Learn Arabic Fast? Arabic is a difficult language to master. If you’re an English speaker, you’ll need to learn Arabic for longer than you would study Spanish to reach a comparable level. A more difficult language, on the other hand, is not unlearnable. Here are some good ways you can

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