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What is tahajjud prayer? | Noor Academy

One of the sunnah prayers is tahajjud (Arabic: صلاة التهجد ), and as Muslims, we should follow the profit guidance, so in this article, we will understand everything about tahajjud prayer. It is said that the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon his) used to pray Tahajjud prayer until his feet became sore. Someone once asked: “O the Messenger of Allah! Why do you strain yourself though Allah declared in the Qur’an that you were forgiven of all your sins?”

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What is Bismillah? | Noor Academy

Muslims tend to say Bismillah before doing any action, the English translation of the word is “in the name of God”, also it is the opening word in the Quran. What is bismillah meaning? Bismillah in Arabic is written (بسم الله), bismillah in English means “in the name of Allah”. It is the opening word of the Quran. Before doing any action, Muslims tend to say bismillah to bring the blessings of Allah. The word refers to the opening phrase

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Ramadan for kids

What to do in Ramadan for kids? | Noor Academy

Ramadan is the month of fasting and worshiping Allah, reading Quran, and doing good deeds while staying away from committing what is wrong. When you have kids in the house it might be a little bit difficult to explain Ramadan to them, so in this article, we will show you how to explain Ramadan for kids and how to make Ramadan fun for them. How to explain Ramadan to a child? You should first start by explaining to them the

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the mothers of the believers

Who are the mothers of the believers? | Noor Academy

The Mothers of the believers (Arabic: أمهات المؤمنين ) is the name used to call the prophet wives. What are the names of prophet wives and what are their stories? Let’s find out. List of prophet’s wives, the mothers of the believers, stories of the prophet’s wives, and age of Muhammad’s wives Muhammad’s first wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid The prophet Muhammad first wife was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid ( Arabic: خديجة بنت خويلد ); she was a widow of a wealthy

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What is tashahhud in prayer? | Noor Academy

There are many forms of worship. One of them is praying. While praying we read the Quran and say tashahhud, but what is tashahhud? That’s what we will find out shortly. The word tashahhud meaning in English is “testimony” and sometimes it is called at-tahiyyat (التحيات) meaning “greetings”. It is recited twice when praying four or three rakat and once when praying two rakats. You recite it when you sit during the second rakah and then when you sit in

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What is supplication in Islam?

What is supplication in Islam? | Noor Academy

In times of sadness and depression or anxiety, we tend to turn to Allah for help, to heal our hearts and souls from the darkness of the world. Supplication and dua are our keys to healing. When we feel empty and lost the only thing that takes us out of the darkness is remembering Allah. Allah prophet, Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him said: Do not talk too much without remembrance of Allah. Indeed excessive talking without remembrance of

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difference between tawbah and istighfar

What is the difference between Tawbah and Istighfar?

What is the difference between tawbah and istighfar? When making sins we turn to Allah asking for forgiveness, hoping if Allah could forgive us and erase away the sins we made. As humans we are not capable of stopping making mistakes, it’s who we are and what makes us humans. But what we are capable of is to repent to Allah, try not to make mistakes. In this article, we will understand what is tawbah and what is istighfar in

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sawm facts for kids

Sawm Facts for kids | Noor Academy

What is sawm? Sawm is a word you hear quite often whenever Islam is the topic. Islam has many five basic pillars. One of them is Sawm or fasting. Sawm is the fourth pillar of the five Islamic pillars and it has a great significance in Islam. Fasting exists in many religions and in Islam it is called sawm and it has many rules regarding how it is performed. It is also one of the best ways one can come

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dua qunoot

Dua Qunoot | Noor Academy

Dua, duaa, or supplication (Arabic: دعاء‎) is the Islamic term for the act of supplication. Dua( Supplication ) is worship, it is recourse and supplication to Allah, it is a success, success, and success, it is the link between the servant and Allah, helping in the resolution of our problems. During hard times we all need something to do in order not to feel helpless or stuck. In Islam, there are many things we could resort to but a very

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istikhara dua

What is istikhara dua? | Noor Academy

Do you sometimes wish to talk to Allah? Do you sometimes wish you could get any sign or response? Especially in a particular manner, do you have an urgent decision that you can’t make on your own? Well, there is always something you can do. Istikhara in Arabic translates to consultation and is performed when a Muslim is confused, unsure, or uncertain about a decision they are about to make in their life. To receive a sign from Allah a

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