Learning Arabic

Illustration of Noor and Nora, two young Arabian superheroes, standing in an enchanting Arabian cityscape at dusk. Noor, a boy, wears a kufi, and Nora, a girl, wears a tightly fitted hijab that covers all her hair. The background features golden domes, tall minarets, and intricate mosaic patterns, with the sky transitioning from orange to purple hues as stars begin to twinkle. Both superheroes wear flowing capes and traditional Arabian attire, with heroic expressions and dynamic poses. The city is bathed in a warm, golden light, enhancing the magical ambiance.

The Importance of Arabic Language for Young Muslims

Ever wondered what it would be like if your child had a secret superpower? Imagine them effortlessly speaking a new language, unlocking the mysteries of a rich cultural heritage, and impressing everyone around them! Sounds magical, right? Well, it’s not just a dream—it’s the reality of learning Arabic! With Noor Academy’s exciting online Arabic language classes for young Muslims,  your little ones can dive into a world of adventure and discovery. Let’s explore the joy and excitement that come with

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How to Learn Arabic for the Quran? How to Learn Arabic for the Quran?

How to Learn Arabic for the Quran?

If you want to learn the Quran then one of the things that will make the most difference is learning Arabic.   However, learning Arabic isn’t easy, and you will need to put time and effort into learning, so in this article; we will teach you everything you need to know, and all you have to do is keep reading.   How to Learn Arabic for the Quran? Learning Arabic for the purpose of understanding the Quran is a noble

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Dotted Arabic Alphabet

Learning The Dotted Arabic Alphabet For Kids | Noor Academy

Learning The Dotted Arabic Alphabet For Kids represents 28 constants. In order for Arabic writing to represent 28 consonants with 17 shapes without ambiguity, dots are used. How Can I Learn Arabic Fast? Arabic is a difficult language to master. If you’re an English speaker, you’ll need to learn Arabic for longer than you would study Spanish to reach a comparable level. A more difficult language, on the other hand, is not unlearnable. Here are some good ways you can

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Arabic Handwriting

How To Improve Arabic Handwriting For Kids | Noor Academy

If you are serious about your children learning Arabic, you must follow a strategy that is tailored to their specific needs. To enhance their Arabic writing skills, you will need to follow an organized strategy similar to how you would increase their reading and speaking skills. Noor Academy is here to tell you how to improve your kids’ Arabic handwriting online in the most fun way. What Is Handwriting in Arabic? The creative practice of Handwriting and Calligraphy based on

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