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surah Qadr

How many times to read surah Qadr? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will learn How many times to read surah Qadr (Arabic: سورة القدر ), its benefits, meaning, and everything you need to know about it. So, let’s get started. Surah al Qadr is called The Power, or The Fate’ in English. It’s in the Juz number 30 and consists of only five verses. What does surah al Qadr mean? First of all, here’s the English translation of Surah al Qadr: “Verily, we have sent it down in

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Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen Heart of the Quran | Noor Academy

Known to Muslims as Surah Yaseen Heart of the Quran, Surah Yaseen is of high spiritual significance and has a lot of virtues and great value.  Located in between the 22 nds and 23rd para of the Quran, the Meccan surah has a total of 83 verses and is considered the 36th surah of the Holy Quran. It was named after its first verse which is two letters of the Arabic alphabet. Yasin, Ya-Sin, Yaseen or يس.  It’s filled with

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Surah kahf

Surah Kahf Virtues and Benefits of Reading | Noor Academy

Surah Kahf or surat Al Kahf ( Arabic : الكهف ) is the 18th surah of the Holy Quran. It has 118 Ayat or verses and mentioned a lot of great topics that are of high importance and significance in Islam. It is a Meccan surah and Muslims tend to read it weekly on Fridays as a sunnah act it’s famous for the story of the cave ( Al-Kahf ) people along with their dog.  Keep reading to find out all

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Quran Facts

What Is The Quran Facts For Kids | Noor Academy

The Quran Facts For Kids, It’s important that you know some interesting facts about the Quran for kids. This can encourage your kids to learn the Quran and dive into its lessons. That’s why Noor Academy is interested in giving you some facts that you can teach your kids today! Quran facts for kids First Mushaf The Quran was not recorded in book form when Muhammad was alive; it was preserved through oral transmission and short written notes. The prophet

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eLearning Quran

Advantage eLearning Quran Online For Kids | Noor Academy

Advantage eLearning Quran Online For Kids, Noor academy online will offer you complete al Quran translations and easy-to-understand English translations. that aims to create an interactive and easy educational environment for kids and the Noble Quran, where numerous challenges -related to society, job, and a place to live- stand in the way of enrolling in universities and private education centers. How To Hifz Quran Online? You can do Hifz Quran online by taking online Hifz classes. It’s a great way

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juz amma for kids

Understand & Lessons Juz ‘amma For Kids | Noor Academy

Understand & Lessons Juz ‘amma For Kids The Quran is divided into chapters (surah) and verses (ayat). The Quran is also split into 30 equal portions known as juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ are not uniformly distributed along chapter lines though. In this article, we’re covering Juz ‘Amma ( Juz’ 30 ) the Last Para of the Quran. Keep reading to know more about Amma Juz. Why Is It Called Juz Amma? This juz’ is often called juz’ amma

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holy Quran

What Is The holy Quran And What Does It Teach?| Noor Academy

Being a Muslim, you know much about al Quran and what it represents and teaches. What Is The holy Quran And What Does It Teach? However, you can be surprised by the fact that you can’t elaborate this to anyone else such as your kids or a friend who likes to explore more about Islam. We know what you need. Keep reading this article to know more about the essence of al Quran, its core messages, and how you can

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Recitation Of The Holy Quran

learn Recitation Of The Holy Quran with Noor Academy

Noor Academy is a professional online institution that seeks to teach Quran skills such as recitation, learn Recitation Of The Holy Quran with Noor Academy, Tajweed, Tafsir, and memorization to Muslims from all around the world. No matter what you need to learn, Noor Academy will provide it for you. With professional tutors, optimized content, flexible schedules, and a certificate of completion, you get to learn Quran online with Noor Academy in the shortest period with the most efficient learning

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Islamic Studies for Kindergarten

Islamic Studies for Kindergarten Online with Noor Academy

As our kids grow older, we spend much time thinking about the best way to bring them up. Islamic Studies for Kindergarten Online, This includes how to put them on the right path, how to educate them about religion, and how to teach them right from wrong. This can all be achieved through learning Islamic studies. If you’re wondering how and where to start introducing your kids to Islamic studies starting from kindergarten, this article is definitely for you. Islamic

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Surah Falaq

Surah Falaq Virtues And Lessons | Noor Academy

Surah Falaq Virtues And Lessons (Arabic text: الفلق)  “The Daybreak” is the 113th Surah of the Qur’an. It is titled in English “dawn” or “day-break” and composed of 5 verses, Its order in terms of revelation comes after Surat Al-Fil; That is, in the period between the beginning of revelation and the migration to Abyssinia. As for its arrangement in the Qur’an, it comes after Surat Al-Ikhlas. al Falaq meaning The word “al-Falaq” in the first verse, a generic term

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