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surah Hud

What does surah Hud talk about? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Surah Hud, its Summary, the benefits of reading, and much more. Let’s get started. Surah hud meaning. In Arabic the surah is called “هود”, in English it is “surah hood”. It is named after the prophet Hud, as it discusses his story. The surah carries a lot of topics and meanings to us all, and here they are: surah e hood shows us that the Quran is

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surah Anbiya

How many prophets mentioned in surah Anbiya?

There are many prophets were mentioned in Surah Anbiya, the total number is 15 names that we will see shortly, let’s get started. How many prophets are mentioned in surah Anbiya? The total number of prophets mentioned in Surah al anbiya is 15, and they are, Idris, Nuh, Lut, Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Yaqub, Ayyub, Dhulkifl, Musa, Harun, Dawud, Sulayman, Zakariya, Yahya. Now let’s learn more about the surah and its main message. Why was surah anbiya revealed? Anbiya surah was

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surah Maidah

What is surah Maidah about? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will talk about the Surah Maidah ( Arabic: سورة المائدة )  theme, the time of revelation, and everything you need to know about it.  Why was surah Maidah revealed? Al Maidah surah was revealed to teach Muslims about important Islamic concepts like beliefs and laws. Additionally, it contains the story of the prophet Moses and Bani Israel, Abel and Cain, and the Maidah.   Where was surah Maidah revealed? Surah al Maidah was revealed in Madinah. It

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surah naml

Why does surah naml have 2 bismillah? | Noor Academy

One of the most famous surahs for having two bismillah is surah naml ( Arabic: سوة النمل ) written Surah al Naml, so in this article, we will learn everything about it. Why does surah naml have 2 bismillah? We know that every surah starts with bismillah “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,” except surah Tawbah doesn’t start with bismillah, which is the first bismillah. While the second bismillah was the phrase that the Prophet Sulaiman (King

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surah tawbah

Why Sadaqah is used instead of Zakah surah tawbah?

There are many lessons to learn from surah Tawbah( Arabic: سورة التوبة ), that’s why we will learn everything about it starting from its name, all the way to its tafsir. First, let’s understand the difference between sadaqah and zakah. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam that is obligatory to every Muslim. It’s an annual payment with a fixed amount of 2.5% of the person’s wealth and is given to specific people. While Sadaqah doesn’t have any

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surah al feel

When was surah al feel revealed? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will learn when was surah al feel revealed? surah al feel (Arabic: سورة الفيل )  Tafseer, a story, lessons learned, and much more, so let’s get started. when was surah al feel revealed?  surah feel was revealed in 622 CE before the hijra to Madina. What is surah feel meaning? surat feel is called “The Elephant” in English and it’s the surah number 105 in the holy Quran with only five verses. Here is its meaning

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Surah Maun

Surah Maun benefits & lesson | Noor Academy

One o the most important things in Muslim life is reciting the Holy Quran daily, that’s why we will learn about Surah Maun’s benefits. What is the meaning of AL MA UN? Surat maun meaning in English is “small kindness.” al-Bukhari also gave it the name “Have You Seen,” in his collection of authentic Prophetic traditions. Additionally, Ibn ‘Atiyyah called it the surah of “religion”, while others call it the chapter of “denial” or the chapter of “the orphan.” What

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surah Qadr

How many times to read surah Qadr? | Noor Academy

In this article, we will learn How many times to read surah Qadr (Arabic: سورة القدر ), its benefits, meaning, and everything you need to know about it. So, let’s get started. Surah al Qadr is called The Power, or The Fate’ in English. It’s in the Juz number 30 and consists of only five verses. What does surah al Qadr mean? First of all, here’s the English translation of Surah al Qadr: “Verily, we have sent it down in

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Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen Heart of the Quran | Noor Academy

Surah Yaseen Known to Muslims as Surah Yaseen Heart of the Quran, Surah Yaseen is of high spiritual significance and has a lot of virtues and great value.  Located in between the 22 nds and 23rd para of the Quran, the Meccan surah has a total of 83 verses and is considered the 36th surah of the Holy Quran. Surah Yaseen is the 36th chapter of the Quran, consisting of 83 verses. It is a Meccan surah, meaning it was

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Surah kahf

Surah Kahf Virtues and Benefits of Reading | Noor Academy

Surah Kahf Surah Kahf or surat Al Kahf ( Arabic : الكهف ) is the 18th surah of the Holy Quran. It has 118 Ayat or verses and mentioned a lot of great topics that are of high importance and significance in Islam. It is a Meccan surah and Muslims tend to read it weekly on Fridays as a sunnah act it’s famous for the story of the cave ( Al-Kahf ) people along with their dog.  Keep reading to find

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