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eLearning Quran

Advantage eLearning Quran Online For Kids | Noor Academy

eLearning Quran eLearning Quran refers to the process of learning the Quran online. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to access Islamic education online, and many people are now turning to eLearning Quran as a convenient and flexible way to learn the Quran. eLearning Quran provides a great opportunity for Muslims to learn the Quran, regardless of their location or schedule. It also offers a more personalized learning experience, where students can receive individual attention from their

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juz amma for kids

Understand & Lessons Juz ‘amma For Kids | Noor Academy

Understand & Lessons Juz ‘amma For Kids The Quran is divided into chapters (surah) and verses (ayat). The Quran is also split into 30 equal portions known as juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ are not uniformly distributed along chapter lines though. In this article, we’re covering Juz ‘Amma ( Juz’ 30 ) the Last Para of the Quran. Keep reading to know more about Amma Juz. Why Is It Called Juz Amma? This juz’ is often called juz’ amma

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holy Quran

What Is The holy Quran And What Does It Teach?| Noor Academy

Being a Muslim, you know much about al Quran and what it represents and teaches. What Is The holy Quran And What Does It Teach? However, you can be surprised by the fact that you can’t elaborate this to anyone else such as your kids or a friend who likes to explore more about Islam. We know what you need. Keep reading this article to know more about the essence of al Quran, its core messages, and how you can

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Recitation Of The Holy Quran

learn Recitation Of The Holy Quran with Noor Academy

Noor Academy is a professional online institution that seeks to teach Quran skills such as recitation, learn Recitation Of The Holy Quran with Noor Academy, Tajweed, Tafsir, and memorization to Muslims from all around the world. No matter what you need to learn, Noor Academy will provide it for you. With professional tutors, optimized content, flexible schedules, and a certificate of completion, you get to learn Quran online with Noor Academy in the shortest period with the most efficient learning

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Islamic Studies for Kindergarten

Islamic Studies for Kindergarten Online with Noor Academy

As our kids grow older, we spend much time thinking about the best way to bring them up. Islamic Studies for Kindergarten Online, This includes how to put them on the right path, how to educate them about religion, and how to teach them right from wrong. This can all be achieved through learning Islamic studies. If you’re wondering how and where to start introducing your kids to Islamic studies starting from kindergarten, this article is definitely for you. Islamic

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Surah Falaq

Surah Falaq Virtues And Lessons | Noor Academy

Surah Falaq Virtues And Lessons (Arabic text: الفلق)  “The Daybreak” is the 113th Surah of the Qur’an. It is titled in English “dawn” or “day-break” and composed of 5 verses, Its order in terms of revelation comes after Surat Al-Fil; That is, in the period between the beginning of revelation and the migration to Abyssinia. As for its arrangement in the Qur’an, it comes after Surat Al-Ikhlas. al Falaq meaning The word “al-Falaq” in the first verse, a generic term

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Surah Mudathir

Surah Mudathir Benefits And Lessons | Noor Academy

Surah Mudathir Benefits And Lessons was revealed in Makkah and it has 56 ayat. Surah Mudathir (سورة المدثر) is one of the chapters of the 29th part of the Quran, are covers topics like the Quran being a warning to the disbelievers, refuting false accusations against the Quran, the consequences of actions, the guardians of Hell and their number, and the Quran being a reminder. Al Muddassir Meaning in Quran Al-Muddassir’s meaning in the Quran is “The Covered.” It’s written

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How Many Pages Are In The Quran?

How Many Pages Are In The Quran? | Noor Academy

So, how many pages are in the Quran? The number of pages in the Quran is 604. This number is standard in the Arabic Quran. It may differ in the translated Quran versions. Those pages contain 30 Quran juz (para), 114 Surah, and 6236 ayat (verses). If the reader has an excellent reading pace, Al Quran Al Kareem can be recited in 10 hours. Readers with incredible pace can complete the task in less time. Those with an average pace

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Memorize Quran

How To Memorize Quran In One Year? | Noor Academy

How To Memorize Quran In One Year? The Quran has a unique style that can not be found in any other bookThe reason might be that they do not become familiar with the Quranic style. Therefore, they feel difficulty in memorizing, feel heaviness, and upset. If you took the Quran memorization courses offered by Noor academy, you will be guaranteed your period of Quran memorization. The amazing hifz schedules are designed by talented certified Hafiz tutors who assure you to

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Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas | One-third Of The Quran

Surah Ikhlas is one of the shortest chapters in the Quran, yet it is one of the most profound. It is a chapter outlining the foundation of the Muslim faith, and it is equal to a third of the Quran. Learn all about Surah Ikhlas with Noor Academy in these upcoming answers. What Is Surah Ikhlas? Surah Ikhlas ( Arabic: سورة الاخلاص ) is the ultimate proclamation of Allah’s unity. In Arabic, surah ikhlas Meaning sincerity. The Surah is the

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