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Surah Muzzammil

Surah Muzzammil: 9 Benefits In The Holy Quran

Surah Muzzammil Surah Muzzammil is the 73rd chapter of the Quran, consisting of 20 verses. It is a Meccan surah, meaning it was revealed before the Prophet Muhammad’s migration to Medina. Surah Muzzammil is known for its emphasis on the importance of prayer and devotion to Allah, as well as its encouragement of seeking knowledge and doing good deeds. It also touches on themes such as the Day of Judgment, the reward of paradise, and the punishment of hellfire. The

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Pronounce Quran Correctly

How To Pronounce Quran Correctly?

Learning how to pronounce al Quran al Kareem correctly is one of the fundamentals in learning the Quran as a whole. Allah SWT ordered us to recite it in the correct measured way not to be considered sinners. However, some non-Arabic speakers and children can struggle at first when learning the right pronunciation of the Quran. Noor Academy presents you with a simple guide to understanding some Tajweed matters that can help you pronounce correctly. Read on to know more.

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Learn Quran for Kids

5 Actionable Steps to Learn Quran online for Kids

We must be learning Quran online and teach it to our kids, to the following meantime, we provide you with 5 Actionable Steps to Learn Quran online for Kids, as Prophet Muhammad used to say: “The best of you are those who learn the Quran online and teach it.”    Pushing children towards learning something new at a young age is as simple as applying some tips that will spark their curiosity and interest in learning more about the topic.

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