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Being a Muslim, you know much about al Quran and what it represents and teaches. What Is The holy Quran And What Does It Teach? However, you can be surprised by the fact that you can’t elaborate this to anyone else such as your kids or a friend who likes to explore more about Islam.

We know what you need. Keep reading this article to know more about the essence of al Quran, its core messages, and how you can learn more about this sacred book.

What Is The Quran?

The Holy Quran is the Muslims’ Holy Book of Scripture. It establishes the law and commandments for them, norms for their social and moral behavior, and a thorough theological philosophy.

The Arabic language is used in the Quran.

The clear Quran, with its distinct construction and style, is also regarded as the greatest literary masterpiece of the Arabic language and one of the earliest existing Arabic literary texts.

It is a collection of the spoken revelations delivered to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) throughout a 23-year period.

Its contents, which revolve around the axial concept of Allah’s oneness of existence and transcendence, serve as the foundation for Islam’s theological principles and beliefs.

The Quran emphasizes the concept of continuity by not portraying its teachings as a new religion,

but rather as a revival of an ancient monotheistic heritage of religion that has the same spiritual legacy as Judaism and Christianity.


Why Was The Quran Revealed?


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was selected to teach mankind that there is only one Allah that is Allah SWT,

how to respectfully worship Him, and how to properly treat all of Allah’s creation. 

The basic purpose of the Quran’s revelation is to lead people to the one and only Allah and his religion, Islam.

There is ayat (verses) in al Quran that explain why this book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. As an example:

“This blessed book has been revealed so that people fear the torment given by Allah Almighty through it.”

(Surah al-Anaam)

How Many Pages Does The Quran Have?

So, how many pages are in the Quran?

1- The number of Quran pages is 604. This number is standard in the Arabic Quran.

3- It may differ in the translated Quran versions.

4- juz of Quran: Those pages contain 30 Juz (para) 

5-  114 Surah,

6-  6236 ayat (verses).


How Many Words Are in The Quran?


The Quran, according to one estimate, has

77,430 words,

18,994 unique words,

12,183 stems,

1,685 roots, and

3,382 lemmas.


The stem is the component of a word that determines its lexical meaning. Depending on the morphology of the language in consideration, the word has somewhat varied meanings.

A root (or root word) is the essence of a word that cannot be broken down into more meaningful components.

A lemma is a set of words’ canonical, dictionary, or citation form (the headword).

In English, for example, speak, speaking, spoke, and spoken are all versions of the same lexeme, with ‘Speak’ serving as the indexing lemma.


How Long Does It Take To Read The Quran?


It takes about 6.5 hours to read the Quran. The length of the Quran (about 77,000 words) divided by 200 words per minute,

which is the average reading pace of an adult reading in English, indicates that the book may be finished in 385 minutes.

Readers with a slower pace can complete the task in more than 6 hours. Those with an average pace will need 15 hours. The most time-consuming may take 30 hours or more.

Determining how long it takes to read any text is essentially a question of arithmetic. Determine the length of the text,

divide it by the average number of words per minute a reader can be anticipated to read, and you’ll get your answer in minutes.

Of course, mathematics does not take into consideration the necessity for a human reader to take breaks, or perhaps reread a portion that didn’t completely register, or any of life’s other factors.


Why Do Muslims Consider The Quran Sacred?

According to Muslims, al Quran is the Word of Allah SWT and includes all of mankind’s instructions. The Quran devotes a large portion of its content to Allah,

His characteristics, and man’s relationship with Him.

However, it also provides instructions for its followers, historical descriptions of many prophets and peoples,

grounds for recognizing Muhammad (PBUH) as a legitimate Prophet, good news for believers, and warnings for unbelievers.

We can definitely say that al Quran is the ultimate guide for all Muslims. It has all the answers we may need throughout our life.

That’s why we consider it sacred and learning it is out of the question.


What Is The Primary Teaching of The Quran?


The primary message of the al Quran is that there is only one Allah, Allah SWT (Tawhid), and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is his prophet and the last of all prophets.

The more you learn about the Quran, the more you will understand its essential message.

Allah’s oneness (Tawhid), in the sense, that he is one and there is no other Allah but Him, as expressed in the shahadah formula: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet.”

Tawhid also refers to Allah SWT’s nature. He is a unified whole, not a collection of components, but basic and uncomplicated.

The theory of Allah SWT’s oneness and the difficulties it presents, such as the relationship between Allah’s essence and his qualities, resurface throughout much of Islamic history.

However, tawhid is understood in a pantheistic sense in Sufi terminology; all essences are divine, and there is no final existence other than Allah’s.

According to most Muslim scholars, the science of tawhid is the systematic theology that leads to a greater understanding of Allah.

According to the Sufis, however, knowledge of Allah can only be obtained via religious experience and direct vision.

The second element of the core teaching is that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger and the prophet of Islam.

He is also referred to as the ‘Seal of the Prophets.’ He came to once and for all preach the entire message of the great religion, Islam.


Where Do I Start Quran Learning?


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