What Are 5 Interesting Facts About Islam?

What Are 5 Interesting Facts About Islam
When we are teaching our young ones about our religion we usually tend to go with the basics and the simple things so that we won’t confuse them.


Normally, we will want to tell them first the interesting facts and stories to keep them interested because let’s be honest, young kids usually have a concise attention span and if they’re not interested, they will probably never ask about that subject ever again and won’t learn anything about it.


So if you’re a parent teaching your kids about their religion, a kid that wants to learn about your religion or an adult that wants to learn more about Islam, then this article What Are 5 interesting facts about Islam is for you.


What Are 5 Interesting Facts About Islam?

Here are five interesting facts about Islam:


Islam has no discrimination: Islam encourages Muslims to treat all people as equals and to treat them well, no matter what their race, color, or religion is.


There’s One and Only Allah: In Islam, there’s one and only Allah, in Islam Allah doesn’t have partners, children, siblings, or family.


Attributes of God: Islam emphasizes attributes such as “the Gracious and the Merciful” for God. In contrast to a wrathful deity, Islam presents God as forgiving and merciful, always prepared to grant pardon to individuals.


The fundamental affirmation of the Islamic faith is concise: “No one is deserving of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” This statement is the cornerstone belief for Muslims, serving as an essential and integral aspect of their faith.


Purpose of Life: The ultimate goal for a Muslim is to find God. Islam promises believers the real reward of a personal connection with God, emphasizing that acts of worship are means to this end rather than ends in themselves. 


What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam?

Here are the five pillars of Islam:


Shahada (Declaration of Faith):

The shahada or the declaration of faith declares that “There is no God but God (Allah), and Muhammad is His Messenger.”. To be a Muslim or to convert to Islam; you should recite it three times with witnesses.

Salah (Ritual Prayer):

  • Conducted five times daily facing Mecca.
  • Fridays are reserved for congregational prayer (Jum’a).


Zakat (Obligatory Donation):

  • Involves contributing a portion of surplus wealth to charity or a person in need.


Sawm (Fasting Ramadan):

Fasting in Ramadan (sawm), Muslims fast from dawn to sunset but there are some exceptions such as the elderly, pregnant, ill people, travelers, breastfeeding mothers, prepubertal children, and women during their menstrual.



  • Mandatory pilgrimage for every capable Muslim.
  • Involves specific rituals in Mecca and is a once-in-a-lifetime duty.


What Are The 5 Biggest Sins in Islam?

In Islam, a specific list of the “5 biggest sins” is not explicitly outlined in the Quran or Hadith. 


Nevertheless, certain actions are generally acknowledged as major sins, and interpretations may vary within the Islamic tradition. Major sins include:


Shirk (Associating partners with Allah): Considered a grave sin, it involves believing in or worshiping anything other than Allah.


Murder: Unjustly taking another person’s life is strongly condemned in Islam.


Theft: Theft and taking someone else’s stuff without them knowing is considered one of the most major sins in Islam.


False Testimony: Giving a false testimony or not saying the truth especially in legal matters is condemned. 


Adultery and Fornication: Engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage in Islam is also one of the biggest sins you can commit.


Additionally, various Islamic scholars and traditions may highlight or categorize different sins in diverse ways.


These sins are not just things you shouldn’t commit in Islam because they are wrong but also they are the unforgivable sins.


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