How To Learn Islamic Studies For Kids Via Online Courses

Islamic Studies For Kids

What Do We Mean By Islamic Studies?

The academic study of Islam is referred to as Islamic studies. Islamic studies may be seen from at least two perspectives:

  1. From a secular standpoint, Islamic studies is a branch of academic study that focuses on Islam as a religion and civilization.
  2. Islamic studies, from a traditional Islamic perspective, is an umbrella word for the “religious sciences” or “Ulum al-din” in Arabic. These sciences are undertaken by the ulama or Islamic scholarly elite.

Here’s a list of Islamic topics that you get to learn when you decide to study Islamic studies: 

  1. Kalam (Islamic theology) The term means “conversation” in Arabic, and it alludes to the Islamic tradition of discovering theological concepts through dialectic.
  1. Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence)
  2. Usul al-Fiqh (principles of Jurisprudence)
  3. Hadith (traditions)
  4. Ulum al-Hadith (hadith criticism) 
  5. Naskh or al-nqsikh wal-mansukh (abrogations)
  6. Usul al-Din (theology)
  7. Asmaa al-Rijal (biographies of Hadith scholars)
  8. Seerah (Biography of the Prophet)
  9. Maghazi (Battles of the Prophet)

Learning Islamic Studies for beginners

Learning Islamic studies is important for every Muslim to get a better deeper understanding of their religion and be able to answer questions about it when asked.

However, it’s important to start the first steps of learning Islamic studies with a qualified tutor.

For beginners and kids, this field of knowledge might be challenging. You will need an expert tutor to guide you and explain the topics correctly.

so that you do not misinterpret the principles of this science.

You can find expert tutors in Noor Academy who are ready to help you with your first steps in learning Islamic studies for kids online.

Why Learning Islamic Studies Online Is Better?

We should take care to learn as much as we can about Islamic studies because it is a vital aspect of learning Islam.

Our kids must also be acquainted with the basic notions of Islamic studies that are appropriate for their age. 

It’s never been easier to learn Islamic studies online. You can select an area of interest and find a professional instructor who specializes in teaching Islamic studies.

Islamic studies teachers are more likely to be Quran teachers, as some of them have master’s degrees in Islamic studies after learning the online Quran.

Learning Islamic studies allows you to understand the different experiences of the billions of Muslims worldwide, both at home and abroad,

as well as to better grasp humanity’s broad range of social and cultural variety.

Learning Islamic Studies At Home A Time Coronavirus 

Aside from being convenient and accessible, learning Islamic studies at home eliminates the chance of becoming infected with the Coronavirus.

In many countries, social distancing restrictions are still in place, thus leaving the house to attend an Islamic learning center is not allowed.

With Noor Academy, you can learn, advance, and never jeopardize your or your kids’ lives. You will also save time and money on offline courses.

as well as the commute to and from the Islamic learning center.

Learning Islam At Home With A Tutor Online

With the help of Noor Academy’s tutors, you get to learn Islam with a qualified teacher who is knowledgeable of the various subjects you want to learn. 

Noor Academy’s Islamic studies teachers are adaptable and ready to meet your learning requirements and desires.

You can learn at your own pace, revise anytime you want, ask them to repeat anything you don’t understand, and ask them any question you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your children will benefit from this particular aspect of flexibility.

Kids are unable to commit to long offline courses and strict schedules, so having a flexible teacher is something they will appreciate.

How To learn Islamic Studies At Any Age

You may believe that learning Islam should only begin at a young age. While this is correct, learning Islam as you get older is not a bad idea.

It’s never too late, you can select an Islamic Studies course online that is appropriate for your age and level of expertise.

If you want, you may choose a private tutor in Noor Academy who can start from the beginning or pick up where you left off.

Noor Academy teachers are well-trained to deal with people of all ages and will design an appropriate learning strategy to guarantee that your learning experience is productive.

How To learn Islamic Studies For Kids In Noor Academy

When you type “How To Learn Islamic Studies Online” on Google, you’ll have hundreds of options of Islamic studies programs for kids to choose from.

To save you the time and effort of browsing, let me tell you why settling for Noor Academy is your best option.

All you need to do to get your child to learn Islamic studies for kids is to check out Noor Academy’s website, browse the Islamic Studies courses, and get in contact with our qualified tutors.

Noor and Nora ( House of Quran ) will be their friends during this amazing journey.

Advantages Noor Academy

With Noor Academy, your kids have the chance to get in one-on-one Islamic lessons for kids that are specially designed to fit their age. The methods of learning are various and attractive to kids who are still learning the basics of such a challenging major.

One-on-one classes also allow the kids who are shy to communicate better with their tutor, ask questions, and feel comfortable in making mistakes while learning. The one-on-one classes eliminate the chances of peer pressure and ensure better learning experiences.

Noor Academy only hires experts in online Islamic education to ensure that your kids are benefitting in the right way with credible, well-known tutors.

The courses are flexible and very cost-effective. Your kids get to learn from a qualified Quran tutor and progress faster in Islamic studies.

Activities of Learning in Noor Academy

With Noor Academy, your kids get to learn and enjoy various activities that ensure they’re having fun as well as learning and growing every day. These activities include:

  1. Learning Islamic Manners And Ethics. This encourages them to apply Islamic ethics in their daily interactions with other people and, of course, their parents.
  2. Learning about Good Character to teach them how to behave and what excellent attributes they need to have a good character like our glorious Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him).
  3. Learning Duas that they can recite on various occasions whenever they need help from Allah SWT. They get to memorize these duas and practice them in their daily lives. Dua will teach them how to turn to Allah SWT to get out of trouble or ask for wishes.
  4. Learning about Seerah And Islamic History. This allows them to learn the valuable lessons of our glorious Prophet Muhammad’s life.

Check out Noor Academy’s course to learn Islamic Studies and Quran online and start enjoying the amazing features and virtues of these classes.