5 Actionable Steps to Learn Quran online for Kids

Learn Quran for Kids
We must be learning Quran online and teach it to our kids, to the following meantime, we provide you with 5 Actionable Steps to Learn Quran online for Kids, as Prophet Muhammad used to say:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran online and teach it.” 


Pushing children towards learning something new at a young age is as simple as applying some tips that will spark their curiosity and interest in learning more about the topic. Another essential type of Islamic studies for kids online that your kids should be learning is the Quran online, the speech of Allah, and the miracle of Islam. Benefits of learning the Quran for kids whether religious, spiritual, or worldly are unlimited.


In the following passages, Noor Academy ( house of Quran ) provides you with these 5 basic tips about how to learn Quran for kids:

How Do I Teach My Child The Quran?

  1. Set The Mood

It’s the first and most important step of the whole process. You need to introduce them to Quran learning in a fun way by making it far from homework. By picking a good spot in the house, making them choose the right time for them, and get them excited to spend some time learning something fun and important at the same time. 

  1. Take Simple Steps

Making the process simple for them is also essential in motivating your children to kids Quran learning. Breaking it down into easy steps to be followed is important, and that will make your progress more effective.

  1. Start With Quranic Stories

So you can begin by telling them that you’re about to teach them something they’re going to like. Begin with the shortest Surah and give them a summary of it as well as an explanation of its context before they have to read it.


These stories will entertain your children while still instilling important values in them. There are lots of interesting stories in Surahs such as: 

  • The Owners of The Elephant
  • Qabil and Habil
  • Musa and Al-Khidr 
  • People of The Cave 
  • People of The Garden


You can watch these stories, which have been illustrated as cartoons for children, and then read the Surah together. This helps them to absorb the story’s lesson and moral while also connecting it to the Surah in which it was mentioned. Repeat the explanation as much as needed until you make sure they got it.


There are plenty of books that are published to teach the Quran for kids and you’ll find how extremely helpful they are to include in the learning process. 

  1. Take Your Time

When your child is learning the Quran for the first time, taking it slowly helps them know that they are not being pushed to do so. Instead, they take their time to thoroughly understand and learn how to interpret and recite the Quran in a way suitable for their age.

  1. Sign Up For Online Quran Classes For Kids

Online Quran classes connect you with experienced teachers and high-quality resources that help in the learning of the Quran online for children. Instructors specialize in teaching the Quran in a concise manner that is appropriate for their age and correcting any mistakes they may make along the way.

How to Learn Quran Reading for Kids?

Quran reading can be a little hard for young kids. However, it can be made easy by taking one step at a time. Make sure to take your time within each step according to the ability of your child to understand and grasp the meanings as well as the language rules.


  1. Make your children pick a convenient time for them and fix it to be a weekly or daily appointment. It’s important to let them decide when to meet up so they’ll feel more comfortable.


  1. Prepare them mentally that they’ll be learning something important that Allah and Prophet Muhammad ordered us to learn, and since we love them, we must obey.


  1. Make a good search for visual and audio materials to grab their attention in case you lost them throughout the learning session. Pick the educational yet interesting materials.


  1. Start by reciting the bismillah slowly, syllable by syllable, and make your child repeat with you. Let them listen to audio materials that properly say it.


  1. Start with Surah Ikhlas in the last Juz after Bismillah. It is easy to recite and memorize. Read the first verse of the surah to your children and have them read it after you.


  1. Continue doing this until the surah is finished. Make them try to recite it on their own without any help from you.


  1. Emphasize the fact that it is fine if they make a mistake or take their time with the recitation. Mistakes frustrate children and will lead them to reject the whole process if they are not handled properly.


  1. Give them simple rewards after they successfully learn every Surah.


  1. Maintain a regular practice schedule and do your best to stick to it.


How to Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed for Kids?

The best way to learn Quran recitation with Tajweed especially for your kids is to sign up in a Tajweed class. Online Tajweed classes offer you the best learning experience for your child to learn correctly and easily from professional tutors.


Learning Tajweed from home is more suitable for kids than offline classes, which can be a burden for them in so many ways. Since Tajweed requires a lot of work and revision, professional tutors will do a better job getting your child to learn how to read the Quran properly.

How to Learn Quran Memorization for Kids?

  1. Start with reading. If your child can read, make sure they’ve gone through the phase of Quran reading first to make it a little easier for them to memorize what they’ve already read. If your child is too young to read then stick with repetition until they memorize it.


  1. Begin memorizing ayah with a single word. Repeat a single ayah word for word for them at least 5 or 6 times until they have it memorized.


  1. Start repeating ayah by ayah. First, you recite the ayah carefully in front of them. Then, ask them to repeat after you. Memorizing ayahs can be a 20-minute session.


  1. Use audio aid for pronunciation. The Holy Quran can be memorized by listening to it many times. Keeping audio content with proper pronunciation will help your children memorize quicker, particularly if Arabic is not their first language.


  1. Try to give them a sense of the rhythm. Let them listen carefully and then recite the entire passage aloud until they get it. This won’t be a problem since you recite it with the right rhythm in front of them.


  1. Revise daily. Don’t make them start memorizing another ayah of Surah until you make sure they didn’t forget it. This can be done by revising the one they previously memorized before starting a new one.

How to Learn Tafseer Quran for Kids?

Tafseer (or Tafsir) attempts to offer elucidation, clarification, description, meaning, or commentary to gain a clear understanding and conviction of Allah’s will. 


learn Quran Tafseer online is important because it allows your child to understand The Holy Book of the Quran, therefore, understanding their religion and applying it to their daily lives.


There are multiple ways to learn Tafseer Quran for kids, which includes:

  1. Reading Islamic books for kids that illustrates some Quran Surahs meanings in a way convenient for your children age.


  1. Watching cartoon videos that explain Surah with illustrations as well as the recitation sound of it.


  1. Sign up for Tafseer classes for kids. It’s a good idea to allow your children to learn Tafsir at the hands of Mufasir, who can make their learning more productive and easy.

How Can I Memorize Quran At Home?

You can memorize Quran at home by taking online classes. Hundreds of online Quran learning courses are available for you to purchase online.

Many of these are online Quran classes for kidsto learn and memorize Quran without leaving the house.


Quran online lessons are a flexible choice if you choose to teach Quran online to your children without leaving the house or sticking to the time-consuming schedule of offline classes, which can be difficult to keep up with.


Share this with a family you love and let them know how their kids can learn online Quran and Arabic online for kids, with the simplest steps and ideas!