Online Arabic Classes: Brilliant Ways To Success

Online Arabic Classes
When your child grows up, they should be prepared to comprehend the Quran, Hadeeth, and 1400 years of Islamic literature, all in Arabic. Because this is one of the most significant gifts you can offer your child as a parent, finding a suitable technique to teach them is essential. That is why we are discussing online Arabic classes for kids today. 

Find out the best way to find your kids’ Arabic online classes with Noor Academy. Keep reading to know more.

When Should I Teach My Kids Arabic?

The answer to this critical question is as soon as possible. Children learn better than adults as they absorb information so quickly.

Have you ever wondered why it is that people who learn a language when they are young nearly always speak it better than those who learn it later in life? 

There has been a great deal of study done on this subject. When it comes to language acquisition, children appear to have some distinct advantages.

One of the primary reasons is that their brains are hardwired to learn languages quickly.

A two-year-old child’s brain contains twice as many synapses (connections) as an adult’s. According to Dr. Patricia Kuhl’s research, infants are born with the ability to detect and discriminate between phonetic sounds from all languages. 

This also means that children are born prepared to study every language in the world. By the age of six months, this capacity begins to deteriorate, and they begin to focus on their native language.

How To Teach Kids Arabic?

Arabic learning for kids can be a challenging task for parents. Kids sometimes get frustrated during the process and parents rarely know how to deal with it.

That’s why teaching Arabic online can require a specialized tutor in many cases.

If the parents can’t speak Arabic as well, it can be a problem. That’s why we advise you to start learning Arabic online along with your children in order to know how to practice the language together for better results for both of you.

Overall, teaching your children Arabic may frequently be done at home through concentrated instruction and extensive exposure to the language.

Begin with 30 minutes of focused learning per day, utilizing textbooks and apps. Start with something simple such as learning Arabic numbers for kids.

The remaining time should be spent on activities that are enjoyable for the kid and expose them to the language. I’m referring to activities,

such as Arabic learning games for kids, viewing Arabic cartoons, and listening to Arabic alphabet songs

The secret behind learning Arabic online at home is consistency. If you can’t do that, it’s better to sign your kids up for an online class where they’ll be learning Arabic with a professional tutor whose job is to make them improve their Arabic language in a short time.

How To Teach Arabic Alphabets To Kids?

As a matter of fact, kids absolutely love visuals. They learn better with pictures and videos that are colorful and entertaining. So, it’s always a good idea to teach the Arabic alphabet to your kids in pictures and cartoons.

There are tons of resources on the internet that let you download pictures and videos for free. You may also find these resources on Noor academy’s website and Facebook page. Make your children use these materials to see, listen, and write every letter in different forms and you’ll be all set.

How To Speak Arabic?

Many parents pursue learning the Arabic alphabet especially to help their kids with their studies.

So, many parents ask how to learn Arabic for kids? if they can’t speak Arabic.

We understand how uncomfortable it would be to speak Arabic in a fully non-Arab setting. But there is a way out.

In order to speak Arabic, expose yourself to the language in its all forms. Listen, watch, and read Arabic content. It might be hard at first but then you’ll get better and start to understand how the language is structured.

You don’t have to speak long, difficult phrases in fluent Arabic with your children. Children learn at a very steady tempo. What we recommend is that you begin studying with your children. And put the simple phrases and sentences you’ve learned to use. This will both teach them and reinforce your own learning.

Can I Learn Arabic Online?

Yes, you can learn Arabic online. Online learning is not only for kids. You can benefit from it as a parent who wants to learn Arabic in an easy and convenient way. Adult online Arabic courses come in different levels that you can find suitable.

You can find these classes on the Noor Academy website. You can learn Arabic vocabulary, learn Arabic grammar, learn Arabic writing, learn Arabic reading, and learn Arabic by listening in a way that fits your level. If you’re totally unfamiliar with the Arabic language, that’s no problem at all!

Learning Arabic For Non-Arabic Speakers

If you’re a non-Arabic speaker who wants to learn the language, Noor academy is your solution. We know how hard it can be to learn a language from scratch, so we made a very helpful beginner’s level of Arabic courses to match your needs.

Noor Academy’s vast courses will teach you the language through Arabic language video lessons that cover the most essential topics in the Arabic language, such as alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, clothes, colors, body parts, food, places, telling time, and everyday phrases and expressions.

Learn The Arabic Language In English

It’s an encouraging thing to know that you can learn the Arabic language in English. If you’re already proficient in English, you can find a bilingual tutor who can help you take your first steps in the Arabic language learning journey by using the English language.

How? Easy! You can learn Arabic vocabulary by knowing its translation in English, you can use transliteration to get an initial grip on how to pronounce these words, and you can read stories with one page in Arabic and the facing one in English to get an understanding of the concept.

Where can you find all of that? In Noor Academy. Whether you want to follow this approach yourself or apply it to your kids, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for with Noor Academy’s courses and tutors.

What Is The Best Website To Learn Arabic?

The best website to learn Arabic is Noor academy. Noor Academy provides online Arabic lessons for your children via an easy-to-use platform and a group of expert native Arabic speakers that specialize in Arabic learning for children. Your children may study and grow in the comfort of their own houses.

Noor Academy provides your children with the opportunity to learn alongside Noor Kids (Noor and Nora) House of Quran, who will become your children’s new friends, joining them in their learning journey and motivating them to learn more. Noor Academy offers the following courses in Arabic learning for kids:

  1. How to learn Arabic for kids
  2. A guide on learning Arabic numbers for kids

Your kids can learn more at Noor Academy as well. You can find “Quran for kids” courses that help your little ones understand the Quran and Tajweed at a very young age.

You don’t have to wait until they master the Arabic language to start with these, as learning both Arabic online and the Quran online supplement each other.

How Do I Find An Online Arabic Tutor Who Is Right For My Level?

Follow these 4 steps in order to ensure that you find an online Arabic tutor who is right for your level, as well as your kids’ level.

Determine Your Goals

You need to focus on determining a few things before you find a tutor. You need to determine why you’re learning Arabic online, your best learning method,

what areas you need to master, and how many hours you’re willing to dedicate to Arabic learning.

All the answers to these questions will make you more familiar with what you want from your tutor and it’ll eventually help you pick a suitable one.

Browse Tutors On Noor Academy’s Website

Take a look at Tutors’ profiles on Noor Academy’s website and view their background experience before you choose one. Some of them are specialized in kids’ learning, learning, and non-Arab learning.

Narrow Down Your Options

Now you have 3 or 4 best options. You need to pick one of them who you feel connected to more. It’s important to view all of the information on the page before you decide which one you’re going for.

Meet With Your Tutor

Contact the selected tutor and ask them for an online meeting. It’s important to communicate with them before you sign up for the class.

You need to know whether you’ll be comfortable with them or not.

In this meeting ask all your questions and let them explain to you how they’re going to meet your expectations and needs.

It’s important to agree on everything including schedules and methods of learning before you go further.

After this step, you know whether you’re lucky to have found your perfect tutor or you need to go back a few steps and start over.