Discover the Best Online Islamic Classes for Kids.

Online Islamic Classes for Kids
the best online Islamic classes for kids, there are several options available that can provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Quran Reading
  2. Islamic Studies
  3. Arabic Language
  4. Memorization of Quran
  5. Online Islamic Schools.

As Muslim parents who are living in a non-Muslim country, it’s hard to find Islamic classes for your kids. Which makes you worry and wonder if you’ll ever find one.

Therefore, we will guide and show you how to find and choose the best Online Islamic classes for kids. Let’s get started.         

The importance of Islamic education for kids.

Islamic Studies for Kids is vital for their life, it instills the love of Islam in their hearts and ensures their understanding of Islamic teachings. Here’re some of its many benefits:

1. Islamic education instills the love and foundations of Islam in a child’s heart.

Islam is not just a religion, it’s a way of life that affects all our decisions and life. It’s vital for your kids to learn about Islam and how to apply the Islamic teachings in their lives, from a young age.

Kids are born with innocent hearts and they start to absorb the knowledge and behavior from their surroundings. Therefore, you need to ensure that your kids are surrounded by what you want them to learn and acquire.

Islamic curriculum ensures teaching Aqeedah, the five pillars of Islam, the Quran and its teachings, hadith, and the history of Islam. Islamic History for Children is what teaches them how Islam started and the story of the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), the companion, and what the Muslims went through at the beginning of Islam.

Islamic education ensures the child’s love and understanding of Islam and its teachings. And not feel like they’re being forced to do something they don’t understand.


2. Better behavior.

As we said above Islam is a way of life, it’s all about being kind, helping one another, and being polite and humble. Online Islamic Classes for kids teaches them the moral of Muslims and show them right from wrong.

What we learn from a young age is what sticks into our brains. When the child grows seeing how his parents and teachers are kind, humble to everyone, and help the ones in need, they will do the same. As kids tend to mimic what they see around them. Being a role model is the key to encouraging them to do the same and apply what they learn in their daily lives.

Having parents and teachers that really do what they tell kids to do encourages them to be better, and will protect them from the outer world.


3. Apply Islam teachings in their life.

Learning about the teachings of Islam will show them how to apply them in their life to be better Muslims. For example, Islamic education teaches them how to pray and your role as a parent is to encourage them to pray. In short, your role as a parent is to guide your kids and give them the support, they need to apply what they learn in their lives.

The benefits of online Islamic classes.

During covid-19 we saw how online learning is beneficial to us all, and might even be better than traditional learning for so many reasons. Some of which are:

1. Better Academic Performance.

Many students prefer online learning to face-to-face learning. Perhaps because it saves them time to focus on studying, the fact that they can learn whenever they like and at their own pace, or they can literally learn anything they want without leaving their homes.

This’s reflected in their academic performance and there are studies showed that in certain disciplines, students liked online learning more.


2. Learn anywhere at any time.

Online Islamic classes for kids enable them from learning at any time they want and from anywhere. They don’t have to go to school for classes anymore, they can simply learn from the comfort of their homes. And if you’re taking an online class besides your job or college you can simply learn whenever you can. You’re not bound to a specific time or place.

If you’re a parent who planning to go on a vacation but you’re afraid of your kids missing their classes, with online Islamic classes you don’t need to worry anymore.


3. Online Islamic classes Is for Everyone.

Whether kids or adults, all will find a course that suits their needs. Online classes is not just for kids, it’s for everyone, and as an adult who has work, college, or other responsibilities you can attend the class or learn whenever you’re free.  


4. Learn at your own pace.

With online Islamic classes, you’re not tied to a specific time o place, therefore you can learn at your own pace and revise the lessons as much as you need. As some online courses offer recorded classes for their student to watch whenever they like or whenever they need. You can simply pause the lecture and take a break or rewind a part that you didn’t understand which is something that can’t be done in face-to-face education.


5. Cost Effective.

When comparing online Islamic classes to traditional classes you will find that it’s cost effective. You won’t waste your money on transportation every time you attend the class. And the course itself isn’t expensive at all. This means that if you’ve a low income or if you’re a parent who has more than one kid and cannot afford to pay for them all you don’t have to worry at all.


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Islamic Course for Your Child.

When enrolling your kids in an online Islamic course you should first ensure that it’s suitable for their age, capabilities and that it covers all the topics they need. But how can you do that? Here’re some tips for you:

How to choose an online Islamic class?

1. Accredited School.

There are various online schools that provide Islam class for kids online, and Quran classes. But before you choose one and enroll your kid in it you should first see if the school is certified and Accredited, especially when it comes to teaching Islam. Only then you can be sure that the course curriculum and materials are authentic and trustworthy.


2. Qualified teachers.

The teacher is the one who shares his experience and teaches your kid about Islam. Before enrolling your kid in the Islamic course, you have to see if the tutor is qualified and certified or not. If they are graduated from Islamic universities like Al-Azhar University it will be better.


3. Methods of teaching.

What’s important about online classes is to be interactive and engage students during the class. Since kids can’t concentrate for long periods of time, they need a specific way of teaching like games and stories to keep them active and engage them. So, take a look at school teaching tactics and methods before enrolling your child in it.


4. Class flexibility.

The main reason we choose online learning is its flexibility, so that we can learn at any time and anywhere. Therefore, you need to see if the online Islamic classes for kids are flexible and suit your needs. If they provide recorded lectures besides live classes, it will be better for you.


5. Learning Styles.

What works for someone else might not work for you. For example, someone may prefer group learning because they meet new people and share their learning journey. While others may find group learning distracting or too much for them. Therefore, you need to choose what your kid really needs when choosing an online Islamic class for your kid.


Types of Islamic Courses for Kids.

Some Islamic courses for kids focus on only one side like Aqidah, Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, or Islamic History. while others may provide one course that covers all of that.

The Best Online Islamic Classes for Kids.

Why Noor Academy is your best choice? With Noor Academy, the Islam study online is simplified in a way that makes your child learn it in no time. Another thing that makes our Islamic study online for kids courses special is that you can contact the instructor and get to know the lesson plan and adjust it to fit your child’s abilities.

At Noor Academy, we care about your kid and make them enjoy learning through our fun and engaging teaching methods that you won’t find elsewhere.

The tutors who teach our Islamic courses online are certified, professional, and experienced teachers, who use fun games to make the learning process interesting and joyful for your child. Even if your kid doesn’t like learning our unique online Islamic studies course will make them eager to learn more.

Our role as Muslims is to follow in the footsteps of our beloved prophet and his teachings. Islam is not just a religion, it’s a way of life and that’s what your kids will learn in Noor Academy Islamic Studies online course. They will learn how to apply what they learn in their life. And lastly, our course is more cost-effective than other alternatives.

Now that you know how to choose the best Islamic classes for kids it’s time to start your child’s learning journey with our Islamic study classes right away! 

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