How To Raise Children Who Love Online Quran classes ?

Online Quran classes

It is your responsibility as a parent to Raise Children Who Love Quran online classes in accordance with what religion entails. Islam urges us to love al Quran and read it whenever possible for it will serve as our guide on the Last Day (Yaum Al Qiyamah). As a result, you must raise children who love al Quran al Kareem and are eager to understand its teachings.

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّـهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّـهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّـهَ كَثِيرًا ﴿٢١

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.”

(Quran, 33:21)

How Do I Encourage My Child To Learn The Quran?

Encouraging children to learn something new must be done by sparking their curiosity in this thing and aiding this with fun approaches to get them to be more interested in learning.

Begin With The short story children stories

So you can start off by telling them that you’re about to teach them something important and fun at the same time.

Begin with the shortest of Surahs and give them a summary about it and explain its meaning in order to get them to understand before they have to read it.

Surah with stories often grabs the attention of kids. There are lots of surah feel story such as the owners of the elephant,

Qabil and Habil, Musa and Al-Khidr, people of the cave, people of the garden, and a lot more.

These stories will excite your children while also teaching them important values.

You can watch these stories illustrated as a cartoon drawing for kids and then read the Surah together. This way they digest the lesson and moral of the story,

as well as connect it with the Surah it was mentioned in.

Take Simple Steps

Making the process easy for them is also a huge factor in encouraging your kids to learn the Quran.

Breaking down everything into simple steps to be followed is essential and it’ll help you achieve progress faster. 

Take It Slow

Taking it slow on your child when they learn Quran for the first time lets them know that they’re not forced to do it. Instead,

they take their time to fully understand and learn how to read and recite al Quran in a suitable way for their age.

Sign up for online Quran classes for kids

Online Quran classes allow you to connect with professional instructors with quality materials that help to learn Quran for kids.

Instructors are specialized in teaching Quran, online Quran classes for kids in a simple manner that suits their age as well as fixes the mistakes they might make along the learning way.

How can I develop an interest in the Quran?

To improve interest in al Quran al Kareem you need to learn how to love it.

Loving al Quran al Kareem entails more than just memorizing basic ayat (verses) when told to do so.

When you love the Quran, you feel the tranquility it brings, then you feel the urge to recite ayat throughout the day,

understand what you’re reciting, and you’ll eventually be interested in everything related to the Quran.

Evolve interest you kids in al Quran al Kareem

To develop an interest in the Quran for kids, you need to present all Quran al Kareem to them in a fun, yet decent, way of learning.

Tell them all about how Allah ordered us to understand it and learn its teachings and how beautiful the world will be if we followed these teachings.

Using multiple teaching methods work wonders with kids. Watching cartoons, listening to audio materials,

and reading illustrated books made specially to facilitate Quran for kids, online Quran classes for kids are all great methods to try out.

How Do You Instill The Love of Allah For Kids?

Before you understand how to instill the love of Allah for your kids, keep in mind that Allah’s love is already a part of our fitra (innate nature),

and your duty is just to nourish it and assist them in discovering it.

Tell Them How Allah Loves Them

To instill the love of Allah in your kids, you must tell them that Allah loves them more than anyone in this world. Try to simplify and explain this Hadith to them:

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) saying, Allah divided Mercy into one hundred parts.

He kept ninety-nine parts with Him and sent down one part to the earth, and because of that, its one single part, His Creations are merciful to each other,

so that even the mare lifts up its hoofs away from its baby animal, lest it should trample on it.” 


Tell Them The Reasons Why You Love Allah

A huge part of this task is for you to keep talking about the actual reasons why you love Allah and avoid big words they can’t comprehend. 

Stick with reasons they can relate to such as how He gives us what we ask for in Duas, how He grants us unlimited blessings,

how He wants us to be good to each other and ordered others to be good to us, how He is always looking after and protecting us from bad things that can happen, and so on. 

Make use of the daily activities to apply this practice. For example, when you cook them delicious dinner tell them that it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Allah’s blessings of food, and so on.

They would automatically follow if they continuously hear you speak about how much you love Allah and, most importantly, why you love Allah so much.

Point Out The Blessings Of Allah

It is important to remind them of Allah’s blessings on a regular basis, as they would eventually become thankful and remember Him as the Bestower of all gifts.

The Merciful and Loving One who showers us with bounties all the time.

Play a game called “count blessings” with your child and try asking them what they’re thankful for. Loving parents, pets, comfortable clothes, and, of course, toys will most likely be on the list!

When they’ve finished, you must draw their attention to the fact that Allah gave all of these gifts to us because He loves us.

Talk About Jannah (Heaven)

Start telling them about al Jannah and how beautiful Allah made it for us to live our eternity in until they truly comprehend how much Allah loves them.

Use the imagination to make it seem like a dreamland to them.

Telling them that there will be more amazing things to come will make them feel thankful for how Allah is bestowing all of these wonderful things on them. Later on,

they will learn what they need to do to join Jannah, and it won’t seem like homework to them; they will follow Allah’s orders because they want to.

What Does Islam Say About Raising Kids?

Islam gave due care to the principles of raising kids and answered all the possible questions of how to properly raise a child. Islam describes children as “Amana”,

something Allah trusts you wish to protect and raise. That means you should treat them right and raise them on the principles of Islam.

Islam sees parents as role models. It is the parents’ duty to teach the children how to behave properly, how to choose their environment,

and decide which type of people to fill that environment with so that they can continue to do.

what is good and pure according to their innate nature (Fitra).

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was kind to children, He treated them with gentleness and understood their nature of always playing and joking around,

He was never mad at a child, and he would even let them climb over him while in prostration.

Read this amazing story:-

It was narrated from Abdullah bin Shaddad (may Allah be pleased with him) that his father said:

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came out to us for one of the nighttime prayers,

and he was carrying Hasan or Husain (may Allah be pleased with him). The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came forward and put him down,

then he said the Takbir and started to pray.

He prostrated during his prayer, and made the prostration lengthy.

” My father said: “I raised my head and saw the child on the back of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) while he was prostrating so I went back to my prostration.

When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) finished praying,

the people said: “O Messenger of Allah, you prostrated during the prayer for so long that we thought that something had happened or that you were receiving a revelation.

” He said: “No such thing happened. But my son was riding on my back and I did not like to disturb him until he had had enough.” 

[Sunan an-Nasa’i]

This teaches us that we need to understand their nature and embrace it.

We need to establish a good connection with them; both emotionally and physically.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described kisses and cuddles for kids as “Allah’s mercy in our hearts”.

Physical affection indeed makes them feel safe and happy. 

Islam advised parents to teach their children how to take responsibility. Of course, a type of responsibility that matches their age and ability.

This will raise them on how to be reliable and productive as members of society.

They should be responsible for their actions as well as they must understand they’ll be held accountable for their deed no matter good or bad.

Your child must learn their limits as they get older. They need a set of limits to guide their actions,

which allows the child to act and behave freely within them,

and these boundaries are often established by Islamic values and teachings.