Because we know that finding the best teacher for your kids or yourself isn’t easy, therefore, we hire the best teachers in all subjects. Our tutors are the best at their fields and they use the best methods to teach students whether kids or adults.

pronouns in Arabic language

Our Arabic tutor

Since Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world, more than 25 countries speak the Arabic language as the official language or as a co-official language. and it’s the language of the Quran that makes it a really important language to learn.

Additionally, we have female Arabic tutor and male teacher in Arabic, and you can choose who suits you, for example, many parents like to have a female teacher for their daughters but they fail at finding one, therefore our academy provides female and male teachers. When you search for an Arabic teacher, then our academy is number one in this field, why? Here’s your answer.

We have:

  1. Native Arabic professional instructors: to learn the right pronunciation of the language kids should hear it from a native speaker. With our native Arabic teacher, your kids will learn In the right way with many practices to ensure their understanding.
  2. Teach kids through Arabic Learning Games for Kids: children can only concentrate for a short time, but through our learning games they will have a lot of fun and have a great learning journey that they will never forget or lose interest in.
  3. Through the course kids will get to learn the Arabic alphabet which will be essential for them to read and write in Arabic.
  4. Learn the Arabic numbers: many people face challenges and find it hard to learn Arabic numbers. But with our Arabic teacher, your children will learn how to properly use numbers in an Arabic sentence and how to accurately and easily pronounce them with learning methods tailored for their age.

With Noor Academy Arabic courses, you will no longer have any concerns about leaving home and dropping your kids to school with us you will:

  • Saves time and effort for both you and your children.
  • Flexible schedules aligned with your children’s other schedules.
  • Professional native Arabic tutors.
  • No risk of leaving the house.
  • Downloadable material for your use.
  • More cost-effective than other alternatives.

Online Quran teacher for kids.

Learning Quran reading with tajweed is not an easy job, therefore we offer the best online Quran courses. Noor Academy is here to make your life easier, and since we know that it’s difficult to find a professional Quran teacher, we offer you the best Quran teacher for kids.

juz amma for kids

In Noor Academ our Quran tutors work hard to teach kids the right way to recite Quran and how to use what the Quran teaches them in their daily life. They will learn the Tafsir of each verse and surah and with the help of our Quran Tajweed teacher, your children will face no problems reciting Quran correctly on their own. And we also have a professional Quran female teacher, with Noor Academy you have everything you need, starting from a Quran tutor to a tajweed tutor.


Our Quran courses start with your kids from the beginning and no prior knowledge is required, our tajweed teacher will take their hands right from the beginning all the way till they become excellent in Quran reciting.


Our teachers know how to use the best learning methods that suit the kids to assist them to learn in the most convenient way. Additionally, our professional Quran teachers use games and stories to interest the kids more and teach them in a fun way that they will never forget.

With our courses your kids will learn:

  •       Pronouncing each letter and syllable in the Quran correctly.
  •       Quran memorization
  •       Understanding Quran ayahs.
  •       Practicing the recitation of the Quran.
  •       Improving pronunciation and recitation of al Quran al Kareem.
  •       Recognizing and correcting Quran recitation mistakes.
  •       Easy methods to memorize Quran.
  •       Read Quran with Tajweed with comfort.

But why Noor Academy is the best? Because we offer the following:

  •       Flexible schedules.
  •       Professional Tutors.
  •       Premium quality material.
  •       Several learning methods.
  •       Saves time and effort.

·        More cost-effective than offline courses.

Arabic verbs

Our Islamic study courses.

Why do your kids need an Islamic studies tutor? In order for your kids to learn about Islam and be able to answer any questions they have about it they need to take an Islamic studies course. Our Islamic studies teacher use age-appropriate material to simplify complex concepts for your child to understand.

kids must also be acquainted with the basic notions of Islamic studies that are appropriate for their age. Doing that online has never been easier for both you and them!

With Noor Academy online classes:

  • You pick an area of interest.
  • Your children get taught by a professional tutor.
  • More time and effort are saved.
  • No additional costs of material and transportation.
  • Your children will find it easier to focus on learning.
  • Flexible schedules are more appropriate for your children’s school schedules.

Since there are lots of areas to master in Islamic studies, from the beginners’ level to the advanced one, Islamic Studies lessons need to have a plan to teach kids according to their pace.

At Noor Academy, our Islamic study teachers care about the pace of the child’s learning and they avoid overwhelming them with information. So, when you contact the instructor of the course, you get to know the specific lesson plan and adjust it to fit your child’s abilities.

With our Islamic studies courses, your kids don’t need to have any prior knowledge, our tutors will choose the best for the kids and teach them according to that.

What will your child learn from our Islamic studies course? They will learn the following:

  •       Islamic Manners and how to apply them to everyday life.
  •       Hadith of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
  •       Duas (supplications) for various situations.
  •       prophet Muhammad story in al Quran al Kareem.
  •       Seerah of Prophet Muhammad for kids

As you can see, Noor Academy uses the best methods to teach children Arabic, Islamic studies, or Quran, you choose the course and leave the rest to us.