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Choose a fun and exciting program for your child – or choose all three! Our teachers are ready to teach your child and have fun with a series of courses and programs in the Quran and its sciences. Choose the one that best suits your life schedule and start learning the Quran from professional and qualified teachers. One-on-One Live Classes for a focused learning experience. Availability of Qualified Arab and non-Arab Teachers. Students can select Teachers. Class timings available 24 hours – Choose Preferred Time. Monthly Assessments to check on student’s progress. Obtain Certificate upon successful completion of course. Classes for all ages.

Noor Academy

Arabic Language Class

Arabic is the language of the Quran and essential for any young Muslim to learn. Our Arabic language classes will help your child learn and begin to understand the Quran.
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Islamic Studies

Learn about Islam with Noor & Nora (and your live teacher!) in this fun, engaging and essential Islamic Studies program for kids.
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Quran Classes

Your child can learn to read Quran online with tajweed, memorize whole surahs and grow to love reading Quran with Noor Academy's live Quran classes!
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Islamic Studies

Learn about Islam with Noor and Nora. With this fun and engaging course, your child will learn all about Islam with a live teacher, using fun videos, games and teaching methods to keep learning fun.

Your child will learn about the Messenger of Allah (SAW), the Prophets in Islam, the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), islamic manners and good character, duas, and more.

Quran Classes

Noor Academy’s Quran Classes will guide and teach your child how to apply the tajweed rules in their recitation, how to recite Quran nicely and correctly, and their teacher will help them with memorizing Quran.

Fun Islamic Learning

Arabic Language Classes

Learn the Arabic language with fun games and lessons with online Native Arabic teachers. At Noor Academy, your child will begin to speak and understand the Arabic language, which will, in turn, help them understand the Quran.