Quran Classes for kids.

The holy Quran is the word of Allah, it was sent to us to guide us to the right path. From the Quran, we learn how to deal with all the problems we go through in our lives. If you want your kids to learn about Islam then you should enroll them in an online Quran classes for kids. Because what is better to learn Islam than learning the word of Allah?

If you teach your kids about Islam and the holy Quran from an early age they will come to love and understand Islam. They will learn to apply the Quran and the prophet’s teachings in their daily lives, and Quran will become a main part of them.

As a parent, I know that you dream of seeing your child grow up to become a true Muslim regardless of what happens around him/her. Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. Loving one another, helping the one in need, sharing the knowledge you have, being patient and accepting what happens in life, knowing that any problem we faith is just a test, all of those are just a part of being a Muslim.  

If you want your kid to learn about Islam and Quran then you should enroll him/her in an online Quran classes for beginners. As it is the first step to understanding Islam. Also, it’s better to start teaching them or enrolling them in Quran Classes at an early age, because it’s the best age to learn and Quran memorization will be much easier.

Now we face the biggest problem, how to find a good holy Quran classes for your little child? Parents in non-Muslim countries face many challenges when it comes to finding an online Quran teacher or Quran classes for kids, and teaching them on your own is much harder. When it comes to teaching your kids about Quran or Islam you need to find a teacher who will make them love it, instead of being forced to learn, and that isn’t an easy task.

But have no worries, Noor academy is here for you. we offer the best online Quran classes for kids that will teach your kids how to recite the holy Quran correctly with no mistakes through following the various tajweed rules. With our course, your kid will learn the Quran online through fun and engaging games.

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take the course?

When teaching Quran for child online there are many obstacles that you could face. For example, the course is expensive, your child doesn’t want to learn, or any other problem. Therefore, you should find a Quran teacher who is able to make your child love learning the Deen.

Therefore, Noor Academy offers the best online Quran classes for kids so that you need to look no more. Our professional instructors use fun and engaging teaching methods to encourage kids to learn and love Quran.

With our Holy Quran classes, your kid will meet Noor and Noora who will become his/her new friends. Noor kids will make the learning process fun and easy through the various games that will encourage them to learn. Additionally, you can hire a female or male teacher to teach Quran to your child.

What makes our online Quran classes for kids special? First, our course is cost-effective. Second, we have certified and experienced teachers who use games and fun teaching methods to make your child eager to learn more. Third, our course is suitable for all ages.

What about the course?

The goal of enrolling your child in online Quran learning classes is to teach him/her how to read the holy Quran correctly with tajweed and understand its verses in addition to memorizing the whole Quran.

In Noor academy, the online Quran teacher for kids is a professional and certified teacher who uses fun and engaging games to teach kids Quran and its message in a way that makes them love Islam and eager to learn more. Your child will have a new learning experience filled with adventures, they will get to meet their new friends Noor and Noora who will make the Quran learning much more enjoyable and interesting to them.

Our Quran classes for kids online is for ages and focus on making the kids love Allah, the holy Quran, the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him), and Islamic teaching. Through the course, your kids will learn how to recite the holy Quran with tajweed, the right pronunciation of the words, and memorize the whole Quran.

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What you will learn?

You will learn the following in our online Quran classes for kids:

  •       Pronouncing each letter and syllable in the Quran correctly.
  •       Understanding Quran ayahs.
  •       Improving pronunciation and recitation of al Quran al Kareem.
  •       Practicing the recitation of the Quran.
  •       Recognizing and correcting Quran recitation mistakes.
  •       Quran memorization
  •       Easy methods to memorize Quran.
  •       Read Quran with Tajweed with comfort.

·        And Much More.

Quran Classes

Quran with Tajweed

Our teachers in Noor Academy will work hard to give your children the best learning experience and environment so that they may learn how to recite the Quran Online and practice its teachings in their lives. Whether your kids have prior knowledge of the Quran and Tajweed of Quran or not, they’ll benefit so much from this course.

Quran Teaching For Children

We promise that your children will learn Quran recitation techniques online at their own pace since Noor Academy gives the best Quran male teacher and female teacher instructors who are well-trained to Learn Quran for Kids to assist them to learn in the most convenient way.

Online Quran Classes For Children

Ever thought about enrolling your children in one of the Islamic institutions to learn Quran for kids but the obstacles are just too many? Noor Academy ensures you save time and effort by teaching your children all aspects of the Quran without leaving their house.

Online Quran Learning For Kids

Online Quran Learning For Kids” Course Outcomes

  1. Pronouncing each letter and syllable in the Quran correctly.
  2. Quran memorization
  3. Understanding Quran ayahs.
  4. Practicing the recitation of the Quran.
  5. Improving pronunciation and recitation of al Quran al Kareem.
  6. Recognizing and correcting Quran recitation mistakes.
  7. Easy methods to memorize Quran.
  8. Read Quran with Tajweed with comfort.

Al Quran for kids

Is it hard to learn all Quran for kids?

No, it’s not hard to learn Al Quran for kids. However, non-Arabic speakers may struggle a little bit in learning how to read Quran before they learn Arabic. To make it easier for your kids to learn Quran, enroll them in online Arabic classes for kids with native Arabic teachers.

Online Quran classes for kids

Benefits of enrolling in online Quran classes for kids: why is online Quran for children your best option?

  1. Flexible schedules.
  2. Professional Tutors.
  3. Premium quality material.
  4. Several learning methods.
  5. Saves time and effort.
  6. More cost-effective than offline courses.

Learn to read Quran for kids

Why is it important to learn to read Quran for kids?

Learning to read Quran is step one in learning to understand the Quranic text and its teachings. When your kids learn how to read properly, it’s easier for them to Quran memorization it later. 

Kids Quran learning

Choose Noor kids For premium kids Quran learning!

Noor and Nora are your kid’s new friends, and they will assist your youngster in learning about Islam with their instructor! Your kid will enjoy learning the Deen with Noor and Nora because of the entertaining videos and games!