Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Life Story For Kids

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Life Story For Kids

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Life Story For Kids is full of lessons. After we learn from these lessons, it’s our duty to teach them to our children. Prophet Muhammad’s childhood in particular is an important story for kids.

Noor Academy is glad to walk you through the childhood story of our glorious prophet and how you can simplify it for your kids. Read on to know more.

Prophet Muhammad’s Childhood

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in the year 570 at Mecca, a mountain village on western Arabia’s high desert plains (Saudi Arabia now).

He was the only child of Amina bint Wahb and her late spouse, Abd Allah bin Al-Muttalib, who died before Muhammad (PBUH) was born. He was raised in the hill highlands of Mecca by his mother Amina in his early years.

In 575, Amina died, and his caregiver, Halima, took Muhammad (PBUH) to his grandfather, Abdul Al-Muttalib, which was a breakthrough in his life.

During these years, Muhammad (PBUH) learned the principles of statecraft. Since he was a child, he has been one of the most trusted people. Mecca was Arabia’s most significant pilgrimage center, and Abdul Al-Muttalib was its most revered ruler. He wielded great control over pilgrimage concessions and presided over Mecca’s Council of Elders regularly.

When his grandpa died in 578, he was raised for several years by his uncle Abu Talib. He continued to learn from the elders, earning him a stellar reputation.

Because he was trustworthy at such a young age, various traders appointed him as their agent to handle major commercial matters on their behalf. People were completely happy with Muhammad prophet (PBUH) honesty since he carried out these trusts so well.

As a result, the people held him in high regard and referred to him as Sadiq (the honest) and Amin (the trustworthy).

Prophet Muhammad’s Childhood Miracles

End of Drought

The first miracle happened when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was just a baby. As a part of Mecca traditions, when the child is born, they are assigned to a woman to breastfeed them until they are two years old. And that woman was Halima Al-Saa’di.

Halima described the year they brought Muhammad to her. She stated that they were in a year of drought and that there was no grazing, and that they only had a sheep that did not produce a single drop of milk. Her son was usually hungry, and he cried all night from that hunger.

Goodness and nourishment flowed to them from everywhere as soon as she took muhammad the prophet, peace be upon him, thus they got filled after hunger, their sheep are milked after dryness, and both their boy and Muhammad (PBUH) are nursed till they are full and hydrated.

Bani Saad never witnessed another drought in the two years he was there. When he was supposed to be carried back to his mother, the residents of Bani Sa’ad were saddened since the kid who brought all the goodness was no longer among them.

When he was a little older, this happened again at Mecca. For weeks, people suffered from drought until Abu Talib led him to the Kaaba, placed his back against its walls, and waited for rain. Surprisingly, the rain flooded Mecca and people were saved as soon as he did it.

The Heart Split

The second miracle is the most well-known. He was four or five years old at the time. Muhammad and his friends were playing outdoors when they noticed a gigantic figure, Jibreel, approaching them. Except for Anas Ibn Malik, who waited there observing what happened, they all fled.

Jibreel split Muhammad’s chest, pulled out his heart, removed a little black part, and stated, “That’s the devil’s entrance to you.” He washed it in a bowl of gold and Zamzam water before returning it.

Anas Ibn Malik panicked and dashed to Halima, claiming that Muhammad had been murdered by an unnamed person. When they hurried to check what it was, they found him alive and unhurt. Anas Ibn Malik used to remark that he could still see Muhammad’s stitches on his chest.

Our Prophet’s childhood miracle stories are a wonderful way to introduce him to your children. Children enjoy strange stories and may learn a lot from them. Get them books of as sirah an nabawiyyah of prophet Muhammad for kids and extract the lessons learned from them.

This can be done by explaining how Allah (SWT) was preparing Muhammad for prophecy and how nothing made sense until Allah revealed His revelation. 

The same thing might happen to us; we may encounter events for which we do not comprehend the meaning, but it is only a matter of time until Allah reveals it to us. The most important thing to remember is to have faith in Allah (SWT) and to be patient.

When Was The Prophet Muhammad Born Islamic Calendar?

According to the Hijri calendar (Islamic calendar), Prophet Muhammad was born on the 12th of Rabi Ul Awal at Mecca

The year he was born is invalid in the Hijri calendar since the Hijri calendar dates Muhammad and his companions’ emigration in 622. We may say, however, that Muhammad was born 52 years before Hijra (emigration).

Prophet Muhammad’s Family Tree

Prophet Muhammad came from a well-known family in Mecca. They were respected and powerful among other Arabian tribes. The family starts as far as Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him). after about 20 generations of Prophet Ibrahim, Abdul Muttalib, Muhammad’s grandfather, was born.

Here’s a nice illustration of the whole family tree of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

family tree of prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad

What Is Prophet Muhammad’s Mother’s Name?

The mother of Muhammad (PBUH) is called Amina bint Wahb. Wahb ibn Abd Manaf and Barrah bint Abd al Uzza bin Uthman ibn Abd al-Daar had Aminah at Mecca. She belonged to the Banu Zuhrah clan of the Quraysh tribe, which claimed descent from Prophet Ibrahim through his son Ismael.

Why Do We Love Prophet Muhammad?

Every time Prophet Muhammad is disrespected, the entire globe watches in wonder as the Muslim world erupts in a rage. This rage demonstrates how much we love Prophet Muhammad, but why do we?

Prophet Muhammad gained the love of non-Muslim for being a genuinely good person. Even his enemies back then used to respect him for his long history of being so popular among them in Mecca. 

Muhammad’s ideal character includes honesty, generosity, courage, loyalty, assertiveness, tact, empathy, humility, compassion, patience, integrity, and modesty, and he wanted the entire world to follow him in this regard.

Another reason is that even without seeing us, we know Prophet Muhammad loves us. The Prophet Muhammad expressed a desire to see his brothers one day while standing in the graveyard with his companions.

“Brothers? Aren’t we your brothers?” The companions were taken aback. “You are my companions,” he said. My brothers are those who have yet to arrive.” That’s us.

On the Day of Resurrection, he will beg Allah to pardon all of our sins. On that day, everyone will be busy with themselves and get themselves out of trouble, except for him, who will be worried about getting us out of trouble. 

There are no words to explain how amazing this man was. If you read the Quran, you will see how many times Allah referenced him in tremendous situations and how these situations benefited the whole world.

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Prophet Muhammad’s favorite color was green. The Islamic prophet is claimed to have worn a green robe and turban, and his writings are rich with references to that color. As a result, the color green is very common in Islamic designs.

Aisha (May Allah Be Pleased with Her) was Prophet Muhammad’s favorite wife. After his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid, who died before the migration to Medina, Aisha was his most adored or cherished wife. There are various stories about Muhammad and Aisha’s love story.

The liver from sheep and camel was one of prophet Muhammad’s favorite meats. With bread, the Prophet Muhammad ate the liver of a slaughtered sheep. He also enjoyed having roasted brains served to him.

The prophet Muhammad’s favorite animal is the cats. Muezza was his all-time favorite feline. Muhammad was so connected to him that he would let the cat sit on his lap as he spoke.