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Ramadan for kids
Ramadan is the month of fasting and worshiping Allah, reading Quran, and doing good deeds while staying away from committing what is wrong.

When you have kids in the house it might be a little bit difficult to explain Ramadan to them, so in this article, we will show you how to explain Ramadan for kids and how to make Ramadan fun for them.

How to explain Ramadan to a child?

You should first start by explaining to them the Islamic calendar and tell them that Ramadan is nine-month. Teach them that the Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon. So Ramadan might be 29 or 30 days depending on the moon.

During Rhamadan kids, and Muslims celebrate Ramadan by fasting, Muslims fast from the sunrises until the sunsets, they also read Quran; remember Allah, and do charity and zakat.

The start of Ramadan depends on the lunar cycle, when Muslims see the young moon they declare the beginning of the month of Ramadan and it ends with a new moon. After Ramadan ends Eid Al-Fitr starts, in English, it is called ‘the Festival of Breaking the Fast’.

Teach them that the Quran was revealed to the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.

When your kid asks you what is the five pillars of Islam then tell them the following: the five pillars of Islam are the key elements of the Muslim faith, they are what Muslims should do, and they are:

  •         Shahada (the declaration of faith)
  •         Salat (prayer)
  •         Zakat (almsgiving/ giving to charity)
  •         Sawm (fasting during the month of Ramadan)
  •         Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)

It is a good idea to start by teaching them about the five pillars of Islam to make them understand what Islam is.

How do you describe what happens during Ramadan for kids, And the Benefits of Ramadan for kids?

Tell them that during the month of Ramadan all Muslims don’t eat or drink from the sunrise to the sunset. This is what is called fasting. Teach them that fasting is really important because it brings us closer to Allah and strengthens our faith.

During Ramadan, Muslims tend to do good deeds and give money to charities and people in need. It is the month when families come together to celebrate iftar and spend a good time together.  Teach your kids to be kind to others and to always help the ones in need.

What to do in Ramadan for kids?

There are many activities that you can do to make kids understand the meaning of Ramadan and to make it fun for them.

1- Make them Moon Sighting Binoculars

A good way to let them have fun and teach them about Ramadan is by using handicrafts. Make them Moon Sighting Binoculars to teach them about the Islamic calendar and how it follows the phases of the moon. This way they will learn while having fun.

 2- Ramadan Drummer Doll

To teach them about Alsuhur tell them about Ramadan drummer, tell them that he is the man that takes upon his responsibility to wake all the Muslims in the night to tell them that this is the time for suhur. He walks in the streets beating his drum and singing Ramadan songs. it is a good idea to buy them a drummer doll and let them play with it.

3- Origami Star Eid Necklace

To make them happy you could make them origami stars or make an Origami star necklace, use different colors and make it sparkly. They will definitely love it.

4- Crescent Eid Card

Another good idea is to make them a Crescent Eid Card it looks good and they will be happy with it.

How is Ramadan celebrated for kids?

  • DIY Dua Book

To teach them about remembering Allah and how to count their blessing on their fingers make them a book that looks like a hand, write them Duas to memorize.

  • Read the Stories of the Prophets

To make them understand what is Islam and to illustrate Ramadan you should tell them about the prophet’s stories. Tell them about the stories from the Quran. There are also many cartoons that tell the prophet stories for kids in a fun and easy way to understand.

  • watch Islamic Cartoons for Kids

There is a cartoon called Omar and Hana, watch it with your kids to teach them about Islam and moral values through songs.

How to make Ramadan fun for kids?

Here are some of the fun activities that you could do to make Ramadan fun for your kids:

·         Make a Moon & Star cookies

Kids love sweets and cookies so it is a great way to keep them happy and let them help you in making the cookies, this will be fun for them.

·         Easy Paper Lantern

Another good idea is to make them Ramadan lanterns to make them feel the Ramadan spirit, use glitters and different colors.  

·         Make Ramadan chart for kids and Ramadan Good Deeds Tree and

To teach them about kindness and helping others make a good deeds tree and whenever they do something good write it on the tree or on the chart. This will be fun and will make them learn how to be kind and help others.

What are the best Ramadan activities for kids?

There are many great things that you could do for kids to teach them about Ramadan like Ramadan decoration and reading stories.

Here are some activities that you could use to teach them about Ramadan and help them gain good traits in the process.

  • Make a Ramadan Bookmark for the Quran

Teach your kids how to read Quran and let them read as much they can and make them a cute bookmark to mark the page they stop at.

  • Create a Ramadan Advent Calendar

Another good way to keep your kids excited for the next day is to make them a Ramadan advent calendar. Put the dates and sweets in to praise them for the good things they do throughout the day.

  • Read Ramadan Children’s Books Together

Children’s books are good for teaching them about Islam and the holy month of Ramadan. There are many books to teach them about Ramadan and what they should do in it. The stories will teach the kids about the importance of fasting and charity, so here are some good books to read:

1- It’s Ramadan, Curious George

2- My First Ramadan

3.-Make a Charity Jar

To teach them about helping the ones in need and the importance of charity make them a charity jar. Let them collect money from the family and put it in the jar then when Ramadan ends let them give the money they collected to someone who needs it. 

  • Learn about the Moon Together

Kids love space and stars so take advantage of this and teach them about the importance of the moon and its role in Ramadan. Teach them about the phases of the moon and how they affect the Islamic calendar.  

  • Decorate the House

Let the kids play with paper and teach them how to make handcrafts with it then decorate the house with what they made.

 Facts about Ramadan for kids

Here are some of the important facts about Ramadan to teach your kids:

  •         Children do not have to fast until around the age of 14.
  •         During Ramandan, all Muslims try to read the whole Quran to do what is called khatam Quran.
  •         The special prayers recited on Eid al-Fitr are called Salat al-Eid.
  •         Fasting during Ramadan is obligatory but not to all people, kids, old people, and people who are traveling don’t have to fast.
  •         There are many Muslims in the world and they all celebrate Ramadan.
  •         It is important to do zakah and charity during Ramadan.
  •         Eid al-Fitr comes when Ramadan ends so that people celebrate and dress in good outfits and visit their relatives.
  •         Ramadan 2022 will be on 2 April, and each year the date changes.

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