Student Policy

Noor Academy

Class Timings and Rescheduling:

  1. The student should choose his class timings according to his needs.
  2. At two Eid breaks, the student can reschedule his classes before Eid to be taken after that.
  3. The student can reschedule his class to any other suitable time within his teacher shift, and he can do that by at least two hours ahead


  • Invoices are sent automatically upon scheduling your class.
  • If you wish to try a free class, simply pay after your class.
  • Payment should be done ahead, and every four weeks.
  • Classes will be suspended after payment delay by three days from due date.

Student Lateness:

  1. The student has to attend the class on time, and the teacher will leave after the half time of the class.
  2. The teacher will not be able to make up the lost minutes.