Subhanallah Meaning in Arabic

Subhanallah Meaning in Arabic
You must’ve heard the term Subhanallah in a movie, through a friend, or no matter where you heard it; you’ve come to the right place to learn the meaning of that term, and by the end of the article; you will learn all about it.


So, if you want to learn the meaning of Subhanallah in Arabic, and when to use the term Subhanallah properly, all you have to do is keep reading. 

What Is Subhanallah Meaning in Arabic?

The Term Subhanallah, which means “ Praise be to Allah” is used often by Muslims; however, it’s not only used by Muslims.


It’s usually used when we see something breathtaking, or when we feel gratitude toward something, or when we see a beautiful baby and it’s usually followed by Mashallah.


We saying it is more than just praise, it’s like acknowledging the perfection of the creation of Allah.


It’s not merely about showing admiration; it’s a deep expression of faith and an acknowledgment of the divine’s surpassing greatness.


When to Use the Term Subhanallah?

“Subhanallah” holds significance in multiple scenarios for Muslims:


  1. Admiration: When witnessing beauty or magnificence, Muslims use “Subhanallah” to express awe at Allah’s creation.


  1. Gratitude: After experiencing blessings, Muslims say “Subhanallah” to show appreciation to Allah.


  1. Seeking Forgiveness: During moments of introspection, “Subhanallah” is employed to seek forgiveness from Allah.


  1. Surprise or Amazement: Upon encountering the unexpected, “Subhanallah” is used to convey astonishment.


What Are the Alternatives to Subhanallah?

There are many alternatives to Subhanallah that you can also use to express these similar feelings:

  • Allah Akbar:  This means that “Allah is the Greatest” and it’s also used to express your fascination with nature or when you see something you admire of Allah’s creation.

  • Alhamdulillah: This term means ( praise to Allah) as well, but it’s used when you’re thankful for something and grateful, it’s how we show our appreciation for everything we have and it means that you’re content.

  • Mashallah: Mashallah means (what Allah has willed) or (as Allah has willed), and it’s used to appreciate the good and beautiful things.

  • Astaghfirullah: Astaghfirullah is used for asking Allah for forgiveness, and it means (I seek forgiveness from Allah), it can be used whenever you feel that you’ve done something wrong or just meditating and sitting quietly and asking Allah to forgive for whatever you’ve done in the past, you can always say it without feeling the need to say it or feeling guilty.

  • La Ilaha Illa Allah: This means that “There is no god but Allah” and it’s used for declaration of faith but we use it when we feel helpless or lost.


However, these alternatives each have its meaning and it doesn’t mean exactly the same thing as Subhanallah, but each one depends on the situation you are in and the emotion you are feeling.


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