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Umar ibn al Khattab
Umar ibn al Khattab is one of the most known companions, who is he? What is he famous for? That’s what we will find out in this article.

When was Umar ibn al Khattab born?

Umar ibn al-Khattab was born in 583 AC, Mecca. And he died in 644, in Madinah. His father was Al-Khattab ibn Nufayl. His mother was Hantamah bint Hashim bin Al Mugheerah.

How many wives did Umar ibn al Khattab have?

Omar ibn Khattab had three wives before Islam, their names are:

  •       Zainab bint Mazaun Jamiah.
  •       Malaika bint Jarul Khuzai.
  •       Qariba bint Umayya Makhzumi.

Only Zainab accepted Islam and after the verse of the Quran revealed that Muslims should not marry idolatresses, Omar divorced Malaika and Qariba.

Sabiha bint Al-Haris converted to Islam, but her husband didn’t, so when Quraish came to demand her back the prophet refused, and then the prophet had Sabiha married to Umar.

“Atika bint Zaid was a cousin of Umar. She was married to ‘Abdullah a son of Abu Bakr. When her husband died, Atika felt very disconsolate. In sympathy, Umar married her in the first year of his caliphate.”

omar al Khattab married the Ansar lady Asiah bint Sabat Ansari, but he divorced her later. He then married Umm Hakim.

In 639 A.D he married Umm Kulsum the daughter of ‘Ali and Fatima.

how tall was Umar ibn al Khattab?

There are no records regarding the height of Omar ibn al Khattab, according to narrations we know that he is tall, but that is as far as we know.

Who killed Umar ibn al Khattab?

Umar ibn al-Khattab was assassinated by Abu Lulu Feroz the Magian in the year 644. Abu Lulu Feroz had a personal grudge against Umar so he stabbed him from the back and then in his side with a poisoned dagger during the morning prayers. When the prayer finished, people rushed to Umar and when they saw him, they knew that he was dying.

Before he died, he told them that his successor will be one of the six caliphs (Uthman, Ali, Talha bin Ubiduallah, Zubair bin al-Awam, Abd ar-Rahman bin Awaf, and Saad bin Abi Waqas).

how did Umar ibn al Khattab convert to Islam?

Omar ibn al Khattab was one of the greatest enemies of Islam and the prophet. he was on his way to kill the prophet when he met Nu’aym ibn Abdullah. When Nu’aym ibn Abdullah learned what Umar was about to do he said:

Omar went there (to Dar-ul-Arqam) and resolved to kill Muhammad and thus relieve the Quraysh of its burden, restore its ravaged unity, and re-establish respect for the gods that Muhammad had castigated.

 “By God, you have deceived yourself, O Umar! Do you think that Banu Abd Manaf would let you run around alive once you had killed their son Muhammad? Why don’t you return to your own house and at least set it straight?”

When Omar ibn al Khattab heard that his sister and her husband converted to Islam he was angry. He went to his sister’s house to see if that was true. That is when he heard: “When the Sun is Overthrown” (81:1).

He went inside the house and faced his sister and asked her if she really converted to Islam, when she said that she did he struck her on her face so hard that her mouse bled. Umar was about to strike his sister again but he stopped when he saw the blood. And he then asked her to show him what she was reading. She said to him: “You are an unclean idolater, and I cannot allow you to touch the Word of God.”

So he washed and then returned to his sister and read the text of the Quran, and that is when he converted to Islam. he was around 35 years old when he became a Muslim.

How many children did Umar ibn al Khattab have?

Here are the names of the children of Umar ibn al Khattab:

  •       Abd Allah.
  •       Hafsa.
  •       Asim.
  •       Ruqayyah.
  •       Zayd.
  •       Ubaid.
  •       Fatima.

Was Umar ibn al-Khattab a companion of Muhammad’s?

yes, Umar ibn al Khattab was one of the companions of the prophet and he became the second Calipha.

What are the achievements of Umar ibn al-Khattab?

Umar bin Khattab had many achievements during his life and here are some of them:

  •   When Omar Ibn al-Khattab converted to Islam he motivated the prophet to go public in Makka, which was nearly impossible to do before he joined the Muslims.
  •   He is one of the ten companions who is guaranteed paradise.
  •   He was the second Caliph of Islam.
  •   Umar ibn al-Khattab gave the public role of monitoring and supervising commercial transactions in the entire marketplace of Medinah to the female companion Shifa Abdullah.
  •   During his reign, Muslims ruled the Sasanian Empire and more than two-thirds of the Byzantine Empire.
  •   Under His command, Muslims defeated Persians in 14 A.H.
  •   He established the garrison cities of al-Fustat in Egypt, Basra, and Kufah in Iraq.

Why do shiites hate Umar ibn al-Khattab?

The Shia hate Umar ibn al-Khattab because they believe that he and Abu Bakr conspired to take power from Ali.

What is Umar Ibn al-Khattab known for?

Umar ibn Khattab was known for his kindness and justice, and the prophet gave him the title “Al-Farooq”. As he was known for his justice not just to Muslims but also the non-Muslims. The meaning of the word “Al-Farooq” is the person who distinguishes right from wrong.

He was known for his strength; people were afraid of him. Ibn Abbas (R.A.) said:

“Ali bin Abi Talib said to me: “I do not know of any of the migrants who did not migrate in secret, except Umar ibn Al-Khattab. When he decided to migrate, he put on his sword, put his bow over his shoulder, picked up his arrows, and carried his stick. He went out to the Kaaba, where a number of Quraish were gathered in its courtyard, and circumambulated the House seven times, at a leisurely pace. Then he went to the Maqam [Place or the stone on which Ibrahim (A.S.) stood while he was building the Kaaba] and prayed tranquilly. Then he went to the circles of people, one by one, and said to them, ‘May your faces become ugly! Allah will only rub these noses in the dust. Whoever wants his mother to be bereft of him and his children to become orphans and his wife to become a widow, let him meet me behind this valley.’ Ali said, ‘No one followed him except a few of those who were weak and oppressed. He taught them and told them about Islam, then he went on his way.”

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Where was Omar ibn al Khattab during Uhud?

Omar ibn al Khattab was one of the few men who stood with the prophet during the battle of Uhud when everyone else ran away not carrying about what will happen to him.



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